SPOONFUL - A Taste of Little Tokyo

It was my first time to visit Little Tokyo in Makati. I have heard of it before but my lazy ass is just too lazy to go down south to see the place. Fortunately, I have parents who also like Japanese food and wants to visit the area too (I don't drive and get by the city only by commuting :p). So off we went to Chino Roces and took a quick tour in Metro Manila's tiny land of the rising sun.


SPOONFUL - To The Last Detalle

Friends! I found the ultimate hangout place! YES! and the good news is it's not that far and getting there is a breeze! I present to you DETALLE!


SPOONFUL - Bunch of Basil

Thai cuisine is one of those types where it's technically a melting pot of different cultures of its neighboring countries but still are a standout among others. Thai food is probably one of those who I will never get tired of eating.

This restaurant I am going to tell you about is one of those restaurants who does not need a lot of introduction in words but only in food. Their authenticity speaks for itself. Please say hello to Basil

Photo courtesy of micheatsandshops


MUSIC SHEETS - Music of The Galaxy

Guardians of The Galaxy has been raking in the box office and is probably one of the surprise hit of the summer movies. I haven't watched the movie yet but it's been getting great feed back.