ADVOCACY - ARCHITECTure Student Graduate Gives Back: Engage. Connect. Help 2015

It's a nice feeling when you've graduated college and passed your board exams. But it's a greater feeling when you use your career to give back to the community. And that's what some Architecture graduates did. 

ARCHITECTure Student Graduate Gives Back is a group of architecture students, graduate and professionals with one positive goal, by expanding the awareness of giving back.

This year their goal is to give back to Libmanan, Camarines Sur.

Founding Ambassadors, Arch. Clarissa Saclag and Mr. Franco Sena together with ARCHITECT GIVES BACK ONE HEART DUBAI, Arch. Christian Vasquez

ASGB also have fund raising shirts, in cooperation with THUMB DYE Clothing Business and DOODLE Corner Clothing Business. Proceeds will be given to 300 less fortunate kids of Libmanan and Metro Manila. Proceeds will also be given for the refurbishment of Libmanan Sibol School, Camarines Sur.

But they also need out help. They will need more sponsors for educational materials such as:

Pad papers
Coloring books
Learning toys

For more info visit their website http://www.facebook.com/architecturestudentgraduate.givesback or email them at asgbph2012@gmail.com

SPOONFUL - Celebrating Decades of Malaysian Cuisine: The Launch of Ten Years Restaurant

Sri Petaling, 17 September 2015: Malaysia is well-known as a food haven, with famous culinary
destinations all over the country. From the Char Kuey Teow of Pulau Pinang to Tawau’s Nasi Kuning,
Malaysia’s flavours span across various states and cultures, a treasure trove for foodies and critics. To
enjoy the best of Malaysian cuisine under one roof, the Ten Years Restaurant welcomes diners of all
ages to savour the nation’s most famous fares.

Steeped in history, Malaysian cuisine is a mix of cultures including Malay, Peranakan, Chinese and
Indian specialties. With a passion to protect the street flavours that have emerged from this mix,
seven friends came together to establish an avenue to house the best of these diverse and decades long favourite tastes – allowing all Malaysians, young and old, to share their culinary adventures,
hence the name, Ten Years.

“Ten Years was established with the aim to preserve Malaysian cuisine for the later generations, and
protect these recipes that may otherwise disappear after the owner retires or passes on, especially if
their children does not want to take over their business. No doubt there are many versions of these
delicacies, the ‘1st generation’ taste is lost. Ten Years aims to preserve and promote this original and
‘1st generation’ taste,” shares founders Victor Bong. “Malaysian cuisine is amazing; it is prepared with variety of herbs and spices, yet the end note is a flavour that is distinctly Malaysian. To keep these
traditions alive, it is important to safeguard our food culture, which is both our identity and heritage,
and help them flourish.”

“Our restaurants, Ten Years, are themed around evoking memories – a link to the past eras such as
the 70’s, the 80’s and the 90’s through our restaurant's  stringent selection processes for all food operators, ensuring that they maintain quality standards. The restaurants are designed to appeal to everyone, regardless of age, background and ethnicity.”

Operating on a unique business concept, Ten Years caters to the needs of franchisees recipe owners.
They are open to partnering with hawkers, or restaurant owners owning signature Malaysian recipes,
to safeguard their recipes for future generations, as well as developing a financial model for a passive
income, while franchise owners are supported by Ten Years’ strong marketing, branding and
operation infrastructure.

Among the specialty unique Malaysian dishes served at Ten Years includes ‘Nancy Nyonya Laksa’
from Melaka, ‘T&T Prawn Mee’ and ‘Tiger Char Koey Teow’ from Pulau Pinang and ‘Nasi Dagang Kak
Pah’ from Terengganu. Ten Years also have their own specialties, called FUSION, that are inspired by
traditional dishes from all over Malaysia – For example, ‘Lamb Masak Merah with 3 Colour Rice’ is
based off Johor style merah, while ‘Grilled Chicken Percik Sauce’ is a twist from Kelantan’s popular
dish. Servings start at a reasonable rate of RM12.90.

The Ten Years concept features dining areas for different eras, in line with a ‘through the ages’
theme, with inspired settings that seamlessly meld cultures and history. With the various spaces
available, Ten Years offers a venue for a variety of events, ranging from private functions to
corporate gatherings. For convenience, Ten Years also offers various services such as in-house
projectors, WIFI internet and television to complement top-rated Malaysian cuisine.  The restaurant
also offers packages for business talks, presentations, celebrations and other occasions.

Each restaurant is designed to be an attractive food hub, with the management sourcing the best
recipe owners in each category. Training programmes and extensive Standard Operating Procedures
work towards recreating the same standards faithfully, with little hassle to both license and recipe

Ten Years plans to open 40 outlets in Malaysia by 2017. In the long term, Ten Years aspires to expand
overseas, with branches across all ASEAN Countries as well as targeting to establish 200 outlets in
China by 2020.

About Ten Years Restaurant
Ten Years Restaurant is wholly owned by Horsemen Group Sdn Bhd, and is established with the
vision of preserving Malaysian food recipes for the future generation. The new gastronomic
enterprise gathers the most famous cuisines from across cultures, states and traditions, and rebrands
them to cater to modern and diverse tastes. The restaurant also aspires to bring these iconic street
flavours onto the global stage.


SPOONFUL - Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with D'King Premium Vegetarian Snow Skin Musang King Durian Mooncakes


Puchong, 17 September 2015: As Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, many look forward to the moon cake, which is almost synonymous with the annual celebration. This year, D’king, a premium durian mooncake brand, introduces its vegetarian snow skin musang king durian mooncake, which are handmade and does not contain preservatives and artificial flavouring. Instead, it is packed with the highest-grade Musang King durians sourced from Pahang. It is the perfect gift for corporate clients and for the family this coming Mid-Autumn Festival. Traditionally, these handmade cakes were shared with family members to signify completeness and the unity of families.

Unlike most mooncakes, which utilise processed filling, D’king mooncake is prepared with the actual durian flesh. Once the durians arrive, we peel them and remove the flesh immediately to prepare the mooncake filling. If we wait too long, the durians would break open on its own, and the aroma and taste would be lost,” shares Simon Chin, founder of D’king. "Last year, our D24 mooncake was very well received, so this year, we decided to go for the most premium durian, which is the famous Musang King. The Musang King was selected for the creamy and sticky flesh, with its strong scent and flavour that melts in your mouth.” 

“Another unique feature is its delicate snow skin that is light-textured yet uniquely bouncy. The snow skin also has to be thin enough to emphasize the filling but strong enough to hold it all in. The snow skin is made from a secret recipe which we have created after many rounds of trials. Our pastry chef has nearly a decade of experience behind him and he is extremely particular about perfecting the taste,” added Chin.

D’king has been available by telephone order in Malaysia since 2012 and caters to a list of loyal customers. The durian mooncake had really taken off in China and Hong Kong, and is a favourite amongst several celebrities there. During the official visit by President of China Xi Jinping to Putrajaya Residence in 2013, Dking was honoured to showcase products made from the King of Fruits, including the D’King durian mooncake.

D’king vegetarian snow skin musang king durian mooncake is sold in sets of eight 60g mooncakes, at RM128 per set, although there is currently a promotional price of RM98 per set. Delivery is free if two or more sets are purchased. To order, please whatsapp 012-664 8797 with the following format: <Name><Address><No of Sets><Delivery Date>

About Duricious Sdn Bhd

D’king is a mooncake branch of Duricious Sdn Bhd, which began in 2010 as a durian food specialist with the aim of penetrating the international market with a famous Malaysian product the durian, also known as the king of fruits. Meticulously crafted using top quality fruit, the company’s products, which ranges from durian skin, durian pancake, durian paste, as well as seasonal items such as mooncakes, are sold in Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. 


PIECES OF ME - Dreams Do Come True: Malaysian Diaries Entry#4

What do you want to be when you grow up?

When I was little, whenever I would get asked that question, I would always say that I'd like have a barbecue stall in front of our house. Weird I know, but the idea of  grilling barbecue and selling it sounds fun.

When I was a bit older, when people ask me what I would like to be when I grow up,   I'd say I'd like to be a scientist. I love watching Dexter's Laboratory before that I'd dream of having my own secret lab and inventing things. Quite farfetched to have a secret lab underneath our house but hey, cartoons.

When I was in highschool, when asked what I like my dream job to be, all I'd say was I'd just like to be successful. Very vague,yes. But at that time, I was living in the moment and not really particular with what I want in life.

I've made a lot of choices that seemed a lot different and a bit far from my childhood dreams. There were even times when I felt that those dreams are so far I was sure I won't be able to reach them.

But somehow, I still ended up doing the things I'd dream of when I was a child.

I became a food scientist and invented and formulated food. I did not have a secret underground laboratory but I still got to do what a scientist does.

Now, I am working in a hotel kitchen and guess what? I grill barbecues for the buffet! A bit different from selling barbecue infront of our house but I still get to grill and serve barbecue to customers.

So yeah. Dreams really do come true. It might be a bit different from what we envisioned it to be but it does.