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ROADTRIP - Adventures in Pandin Lake

The Philippines, as an archipelago, is abundant in pristine beaches and clear seas. But aside from the salty ocean, the country has its own share of beautiful fresh water lakes and rivers.

In fact, the town of San Pablo, Laguna is known for having seven of these. Pandin Lake is one of those which were turned into a tourist attraction, mainly because it is generally cleaner and more pristine.

I went for a day tour in the lake, where I rented a bamboo raft and had lunch aboard.  they 'd served grilled fish, shrimp and salad. You can also request for buko juice and halo halo.

The nice thing about Pandin lake is that they provided life vest and raft men were constantly reminding guests to be safe and follow the safety guidelines. It just show that the people are working hard to keep an honest job. Not only are they concerned with their guests but also of the place that gives them a living.

I spent less than 500 pesos including food and transportation to the lake. It's very afforda…

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