SILVERSCREEN - Captain America: Civil War

After a long hiatus of psting movie reviews, Silverscreen is back! (I'm still in Malaysia and still watching a lot of movies). Anyways, let's get this show on the road and here's what I thought about Captain America: Civil War

*WARNING: There may be spoilers in this review.


PIECES OF ME - Why I Will Not Vote For Duterte

The Presidential Elections is fast approaching and in a few months, a new Philippine President will take office. The future of our country will be decided.

That being said, I haven't decided yet on who to vote for. It's a tough choice considering all candidates have their.own strengths and weaknesses.

Though I am sure of one thing. That I will not vote for Rodrigo Duterte.

I don't know any of his achievements in Davao City. I haven't been there but I would like to. Not that I don't consider the fact that whatever he has done in his hometown could be replicated in the whole country but I don't believe in his ways.

One, the womanizing and objectifying of women. I don't get why these ladies would get "kilig" when Duterte would flirt or playfully kiss them. Have some self respect. Di porket sikat, papayag kang hipuan at tsansingan.

Another, the cursing of world leaders, whether it be a joke or out context. As an OFW, I learned that most of us would reay need the good relationship between our own leader and the country we worked for. Mahirap mabuhay sa isang bansa kung ang gobyerno mo ay hindi kasundo ng gobyernong pinagtatrabahuhan mo. Ikaw ang maiiipit. And with what Rodrigo Duterte has done in the past few months of his campaign, I don't think it will benefit the thousands of Filipinos overseas.

Also, the violence, the use of death penalty and the Davao Death Squad. I don't want to live in fear. Sure, criminals and law breakers deserve punishment. Some have done things so horrible that they might deserve to die. But I believe in due process. I believe that a person is innocent until proven guilty. It might sound beautiful that he could end crime in 3-6 months but how sure is he of the justice system in our country? Maraming kriminal ang nasa kulungan. Marami din sa mga ito ay napagbintangan o di nabigyan ng fair and just trial. Hindi sa inaakusahan ko ang justice system ng bansa pero di maikakaila na may mga kawani ito na hindi rin maganda ang ginagawa.

I don't want to live in a country where I follow rules out of fear. For me that is not discipline. I'd rather follow rules and obey the law because I love my country and I would do anything to make it a better country than obey the law for fear of being assasinated or executed. Mas masarap mamuhay sa isang lugar kung disiplinado ang mga tao, oo. Pero ayokong tumira sa isang bansang sumusunod lamang ng dahil takot maparusahan. Hindi ba't mas mainam kung ang mga tao ay sumusunod dahil iginagalang at minamahal nila ang kanilang bayan?

Another, I don't believe punching the face of someone who has done wrong and finding it acceptable, is acceptable. Yes, I am talking about Sara Duterte. The kind of attitude of someone raised by Rodrigo Duterte reflects how he would raise this country. Kung ganyan na kataas ang tingin nila sa sarili nila ngayon, paano pa kung maihalal ang kanilang ama bilang pangulo?

Somehow, I think Duterte has a good chance of winning. He has a lot of supporters and he's a breath of fresh air in this game. People want change and that's what he offers. But still I won't vote for him. I have lots of friends who are Pro Duterte and I respect that. It's their opinion as this is mine. I just hope that whoever wins would be a great leader for our country.


ALL ACCESS - Sky Cable to hold Grand Cable Fair


SKY ALIVE VIDEO TEASER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4c7C_drG9E8

Filipino families have the chance to experience the world of their favorite TV programs and meet their favorite characters in Sky Cable Corporation’s grand cable fair that will feature a roster of the most popular cable TV characters and programs worldwide coming to life on March 12 and 13. 

Touted as SKY’s first and biggest experiential cable fair in the country for families,  “SKY Alive!” brings together some of the world’s highly in demand programming networks to showcase an interactive display of content, ranging from well-loved hits to the latest season of top-rating shows. 

The line-up of ‘SKY Alive!’ will include a slew of the best entertainment coming from ABS-CBN HD, ABS-CBN Cable Channels, HBO, FOX, AXN, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Cartoon Network, and RTL CBS Entertainment among others. 

The theme park-inspired cable fair will be divided into several zones composed of the different participating channels, reflecting SKY's complete and rich channel line-up suited for every family member. The zones will showcase interactive games and surprises from genres spanning from entertainment, sports and action, lifestyle, and all the way to learning and news. 

Families also have the chance to meet and greet their favorite celebrities, join kid-friendly art sessions, take selfies with mascots and cosplayers, take part in interactive games, sit on the “Game of Thrones’” iconic iron throne, and a whole lot more. 

“Sky has always provided Filipino families with superior content experiences. ’Sky Alive!,’ the first ever cable fair for families, will give everyone a chance to experience the world of their favorite cable TV programs and characters,” said March Ventosa, Chief Operating Officer of Sky Cable Corporation. 

ABS-CBN President and CEO Carlo Katigbak believes that ‘SKY Alive!’ embodies the shared vision of ABS-CBN and SKY. 

 “’SKY Alive!’ is an innovative way to really bring the world closer to Filipino homes and it echoes SKY and ABS-CBN’s same vision to constantly be in the service of the Filipino people.”

“SKY Alive!” is open to the public on March 12 and 13 at Mall of Asia’s SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. The event is free for all SKY subscribers (two free tickets per active subscriber account), while non-SKY subscribers or SKY subscribers who want to purchase more can avail of tickets priced at P200 per person available at the event’s registration booth or online via the ABS-CBN Online Store. 

For 25 years, SKY as a cable TV unit of ABS-CBN has established itself as a pioneering leader in digital cable TV, offering unmatched entertainment and constantly innovating to provide the best experience to its valued subscribers. 

SKY subscribers should look forward to better and brighter things as SKY continues to bring world-class, accessible entertainment to every Filipino home in the future. 

For more details on “Sky Alive!” and the promo, visit mysky.com.ph/skyalive


ALL ACCESS - Quill City Mall Shop and Dine Fiesta Announces Monthly Winners

Kuala Lumpur, 29 February 2016: Quill City Mall is pleased to announce the monthly winners for the Shop & Dine Fiesta! Eight lucky winners are picked monthly and the mall is thrilled to announce winners for the months of October, November, December 2015 and January 2016

Congratulations to Marhanum Ahmad Johari, Dr. Ivan Thomas, Yeelenda Liew, Susan See, Suhaini Saad, Noor Izaty Artha Binti Abdul Rahim, Abdul Hafeez Bin Abdul Wahab, Nurul Diyanah Shahrom, Vincent Loh Ming Chee, Abang Zulkipli, Sreejith V, Florence Tiew, Norlilie Binti Nasir, Fazilah Bt Said, Ros Azura Binti Hamzah and Low Ting Wien! These shoppers are the lucky winners for the months of October and November 2015. They now stand a chance in winning the grand prize of a BMW 2 Series Active Tourer!

The winners for December 2015 and January 2016 are Vincent Loh Ming Chee
,Abang Zulkipli, Norlilie Binti Nasir, Fazilah Bt Said, Low Ting Wein, Sreejith V, Ros Fazura Binti Hamzah, Florence Tiew, Liew Waye Waye, Nurulazwa Zainon, Akma Idayu Affandi, Lai Huey Ling, Sabrina Albakri Abu Bakar, Chin Weng Chee, Zurina Binti Johari and Chok Fook Yong

The Shop & Dine Fiesta is a shopping and dining celebration at Quill City Mall, where customers spend a minimum of RM150 in 2 accumulated receipts, enter the contest and stand a chance to win a BMW 218i Active Tourer, exclusive holiday package and other great prizes! The Fiesta runs from 8 October 2015 to 7 March 2016. All one needs to do is to fill out and submit the contest entry form at the mall’s concierge and wait for the good news!

Follow Quill City Mall on Facebook (FB.com/Quillcity) and look out for further announcements. If winning a BMW 2 Series is not exciting enough, Quill City Mall is also organizing great monthly giveaways! Just snap a selfie or a wefie, upload it on Facebook or Instagram with hashtags #QuillCityMall, #QCM and #QCMShopAndDineFiesta and shoppers stand a chance to win some great prizes!

For more information on the Shop & Dine Fiesta, visit Facebook.com/quillcity or Instagram: QuillCityMall