PIECES OF ME - Top Ten Things I've Discovered About Me: Malaysian Diaries Entry #2

Since I've been challenged by my friend Arra, of www.arraabella.com, to write top 10 things about me, I'll be doing it. But I'll be doing a Malaysian Diaries version. So, I'll be doing a top 10 things that I have discovered about myself here in Kuala Lumpur.

10. I love spicy food.
Almost all food here in Malaysia is spicy. But still, I enjoy eating it. 

9. I can't do laundry.
I've done laundry back at home but when you're alone and there's no free detergent and washing machine, laundry can be quite a daunting task.

8. I love to cook, but eating out is much better.
It comes with no one is there to wash dishes but you.

7. I appreciate Tricycle drivers more.
Everybody walks here! And the distance from my house to the nearest bus stop is so tiring. Wish there were tricycles here that would drop you off infront of your house.

6. It's fun to learn a new language.
Though Bahasa is quite similar to Tagalog, it's still fun to learn a new language and being able to converse in it.

5. I love pork!
Pork here in Malaysia is quite rare, being a Muslim country. And I miss eating pork so much!

4. I'll never get tired of looking at the Petronas Tower.
Yes, I'm saying this because I've been here a few days but i am still in awe everytime I look at the twin towers up close.

3. I never understand exchange rates. 
I'd always look at money changer booths and compare exchange rates but I'd still have a hard time knowing if it's a good rate or not.

2. I enjoy the Malaysian transport system.
Yes, traffic here can be pretty bad too but their mass transportation systems (KL Monorail, MRT, LRT) is much better compared to ours.

1. I look like a local.
Locals here would talk to me in Bahasa and I'd be clueless to what they're saying. Then they'd be clueless as to why I don't understand them. Haha (I don't understand Bahasa that well yet!)

I've discovered a lot about myself here now that I am living away from my family and away from the comforts of my own home. Also, living in a place that you're not so familiar with will reslly bring out qualities in you that you don't know you have.


PIECES OF ME - Bluedevil in KL: Malaysian Diaries Entry#1

It's been a week since I've started my internship here in Kuala Lumpur and I must say that living abroad is a bit like the first day in class.

Let me tell you why:

1.Everyone is new
You don't know anyone. Everyone you meet is a new face and you're the new kid in the playground.

2. Going around is like getting lost on your way to Math class.
Going around the city is like getting lost in an unfamiliar school building. People would come and go and no one would stop to help you get to the right class.

3. Finding places to eat is like having lunch at the cafeteria for the first time.
Trying out the local cuisine is like trying out the cafeteria food. You'll never knew if you'll like it and you're worried what it might taste like.

4. Meeting your boss is like meeting your teachers for the first time.
Your new teacher might be someone you'd really be scared of or someone who you'll found out gives his students difficult tasks. It's the classic case of terror teacher all over again.

5. Traveling is like riding the school bus with loads of students.

Riding the public transport feels like riding the school bus. You don't know where to sit and people knew it's your first time because you'd be looking outside all the time waiting for your stop.

But the good thing with the first day of class is it's just the first day. You'd still have the rest of the school year to turn any negative first impressions into. And yeah, I also have a whole more year to turn every bad, first time experience into a beautiful, long lasting memory.


PIECES OF ME - Chronic Cyclical Anticipatory Motion Discomfort

A few hours from now, I'll be at the airport, probably checking in my luggage or waiting in line to do so. I'd probably be then waiting for my flight number to be called or worst case scenario, listening as they announce that my flight will be delayed. Then when the time comes, I'll be boarding the plane and then it'll take off and suddenly, I'm off to a new adventure.

That's probably what's gonna happen a few hours from now. 

I don't know why or how but I always don't feel good when travelling. Not that I don't like going to a different place or a new one because I love travelling. But I always feel queesy whenever I leave. It's like I can't sleep properly or sometimes my stomach or head would hurt when I think about leaving. There are times when I would pack my things minutes before leaving because I was too stressed thinking about what to bring. I'd pack them while rushing which would make me feel stressed more. 

Though I really love going out and going to different places. I love discovering new places and exploring and learning. I guess, it's the preparation and the thought of leaving or what might would happen that makes me feel uneasy. 

"Mr. Sweeny has chrinic cyclical anticipatory motion discomfort," he said. "Is that catching?" To his suprise, his mother threw back her head and laughed.  "It's just a pretentious way of saying that he always feels sick before he travels, " - Anne Lindbergh, The People in Pineapple Place

In one of my favorite books, The People in Pineapple Place, was a character named Mr. Sweeny, who in fear of their street being bombed in World War 2, by some means, moved the entire neighborhood and has been moving them ever since. Yet he says he suffers from chronic cyclical anticipatory motion discomfort.

I remembered this part of the book when I realized that I do feel poorly before I travel. Maybe I have  chronic cyclical anticipatory motion discomfort, I don't know. I tried researching about it but to no avail. I guess it's just a psychosomatic disease or probably a made up term.

In the book though, Mr. Sweeny meets August Brown, a ten year old boy who found the whole street on his own. He befriended the whole street including the irate Mr. Sweeny. Towards the end if the story, August gave Mr. Sweeny a compass as a parting gift. Mr. Sweeny then asks what city they would reach if they traveled to where the compass points to at that moment. August points them to Chicago.
I really liked how August befriended everyone including the strict old man. How he winned him over by giving him a compass and pointing them to a city that they would travel next too. 

Kind of how I feel right now.

I think I am feeling a bit like Mr. Sweeny now. Uneasy about travelling yet loves to travel. I'm about to embark on the biggest adventure yet and I really can't help but feel uneasy about it. I know I can take care of myself and nothingbad would happen to me but I just can't help but feel poorly. And who is my August Brown? My family and friends of course! They have given me so much encouragement that I can clearly see where I'm headed, finishing my goals! I know that they support me all the way and somehow, the uneasy feeling wears off. Knowing that I have great people backing me up on this journey somehow relieves me of all the stress and fears that I have. I, somehow, feel better. Just like how August made Mr, Sweeny felt better about their next destination.

So yeah. A few hours from now, I'd be at the airport. Waiting for my boarding time. But with anticipatory motion discomfort or not, I know I'll have my August Brown with me:)


VIRAL - The Story of an AlDub fan

 A month ago, I watch a video on Facebook of a noontime show. It vas a video of a girl doing a live dubsmash who got distracted when she sees a guy watching him. The girl lost her focus on her comedy act while the guy smiles as he watches her: thus AlDub was born.

I'm not usually a fan of loveteams. I watch TV a lot and I get kilig with cheesy romantic flicks but that's it. Yet for some weird reason, I found myself watching their videos everyday, waiting for their segment  every afternoon, and checking every now and then for news or Instagram posts about them, posting screenshots of them together. Yeah. I am an AlDub fan.

AlDub is coined term or name for Alden and Yaya Dub, Characters in Eat Bulaga's Kalyeserye played by actor, Alden Richards and Maine "Yaya Dub" Mendoza. Both are part of the said noontime show. It was a n accidental loveteam. As Yaya Dub's kilig reaction to Alden watching her was not planned. The noontime show simply improvised all that happened after. It was a brilliant and unique idea. A live teleserye on the road? Who does that right? But since they have Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola with them, improvisations are easy as pie. After all, both are comedic masters, excellent stand up comedians where improvisation skills must be on point. 

So there I was, one afternoon, watching Eat Bulaga and now I find myself waiting eagerly for their segment every day. Suddenly, my afternoon habits include watching Eat Bulaga everyday just to see what would happen to  Alden and Yaya Dub. 1:30 PM is now sacred to me, because that's when their segment is usually on. I wait everynight for their uploaded episode on Facebook. I watch entertainment news about them, read articles about them.  They really became part of my routine. 

I usually don't like it when fans get too serious or attached to their idols. It sounds stupid when fans would go out of their way just to see their idols. But I sometimes feel the urge to do it for AlDub. A few days ago, I told myself I'd go to Broadway Centrum just to watch the noontime show live (I ended up rushing home to watch it on TV instead). Yesterday, I was watching their Facebook video, a fan was almost rushing to hug Alden. I found myself, wanting to smack the fan that almost got too close as if to say, Kay Yaya lang Si Alden! It sounds stupid and absurd, I know. 

I know everything is a comedy skit. And it's fun. And isn't it nice to feel happy and kilig even for just an afternoon? And that's what AlDub brings. My friends would probably laugh at me or make fun of me for posting this. I usually think loveteams are corny and stupid. Maybe, I was just bored out of my wits that's why even the corniest things would get me giddy. But what the hell. I just want to share how kilig I get with this loveteam. 

It's been a month since AlDub started but the lovebirds have yet to meet. Yesterday's episode was almost an encounter but fate seems to be harsh on them. Will today, their monthsary, be the fateful day? Well, we just have to wait later and find out!