PIECES OF ME - the origin of the bluedevil

As my second post, I’ll be telling something more about myself. Hope you’ll like it!!

                People who have seen my twitter account have always asked me why I call myself as the blue devil. Not that they think it’s weird but I think most of them don’t see me as someone who will name himself after a demonic being. Well tonight, I will tell the story of how the name iamthebluedevil came to be.
                I first used the name blue devil when I was in first year high school. Back then people would use different names as their email addresses and come up with weird usernames. I too wanted mine to be different. So, I got the wheels turning and started to think of a “cool” nickname for myself. The “blue” is really an obvious choice since almost everyone knew that blue is my favorite color. Ever since I was young, I have always liked blue. The “devil” part is quite an unusual choice for my nickname. See, I was the type of kid who likes playing nice and fair and gets good grades and stuff, nothing “devilish” up my sleeve. But I was thinking of a cool name that would not sound sissy and lame. My first choice then was demon. I wanted to be the blue demon but back then there was this TV show where they already have the blue demon. I didn’t want to be a copycat so I opted for devil. Hence the blue devil was born.
                You may wonder why a nice little (and I mean little) boy like me would name himself after the devil. Well, it sounded way cooler than blue angel or blue cake or blue sky or whatever. And when you are in high school, you don’t want to be the kid with a sissy nickname. So, then, I used the name blue devil as my email address.
                Now, I use my real name as my email address since it would sound weird for a young adult to use blue devil. I wanted to sound more formal since I am using my email address for important grown up stuff.
                But why did I retain my old nickname for my twitter account and this blog? Well, mostly for sentimental reasons. I use twitter, and now this blog, as an outlet of my emotions and for venting out feelings. I think it is easier to pour out emotions when you are being true to yourself. You see, the blue devil became more than just a username for me, it became more of me. It is my virtual identity. Not that I have multiple personalities or anything but somehow the blue devil embodies my character (I know it’s getting weird).
                Lemme break it down for you.
                See, I am the type of person who likes to be quiet, have time to think deeply and can keep calm if I want and I need to. But I am also the type who can unleash rage when needed and be strong and tough when I intend to be.
                According to Jacci Howard Bear, author of Desktop Publishing Colors and Color Symbolism, Blue conveys importance and confidence without being somber or sinister, hence the blue power suit of the corporate world and the blue uniforms of police officers. Long considered a corporate color, blue, especially medium and darker blues is associated with intelligence, stability, unity, and conservatism. Also, blue is often associated with the sea and oceans and rain.
                Now see the word blue really fits me. But how about the word devil? Well, I believe that every one of us has a dark side. It’s the age old yin and yang. Dark and light. Good and evil. We need balance in our lives. So I believe that inside of this small young man is a devilish creature that is fearsome and more sinister than anyone else which only means one thing. NO ONE MESSES WITH ME. Geddit? HeheheJ

There is a cartoon character named blue devil. He is a superhero from DC comics with the name blue devil (redundant! I know!) and he once was part of the justice league. Also, the basketball team that Nathan Scott (one tree hill) wants to join in college is the Duke Blue Devils.

So that’s it!!

Feel free to comment and criticize or whatever. This is my first blog and the first time I am writing again. So…

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