SILVER SCREEN - Hunger Games

This is a very late post. Dapat last month pa talaga to. But I’ve been busy and also I was kinda sick.

Hunger Games (2012)
Directed by: Gary Ross
Screenplay by: Gary Ross, Suzanne Collins, and Billy Ray
Distributed by: Lions gate Entertainment

Hunger Games is a movie based on the novel, of the same title, written by Suzanne Collins. It is the story of place called Panem, which was once North America, and its twelve districts. Due to an uprising that happened years ago, The Capitol holds an annual contest, known as the hunger games, to celebrate peace that was restored and as a reminder for the districts that they, (The Capitol) are in control. Each district is forced to send a boy and a girl, between 12 to 18 years of age, to participate where they fight to death.

So I watched the Hunger Games awhile ago and here is what I like about it:

          I like the dark theme or mood of the movie. It help show how depressing their situation is and somehow it has a negative vibe on the viewers. It somehow reinforces the assumption that there is something more to these contests than what is shown.

          I also like the adaptation of the story. I like how there are some lines that were really said on the book. I guess having the author as one of the writers for the movie helped a lot. And I think having the writer as part of the movie is crucial for an adapted movie since it is the product of their own minds that will be placed on the big screen.


          I like the costume of the people in the Capitol. Very colorful and unique. It really shows the contrast of the poor districts with the Capitol

Gamekeeper’s lair:

          Although the lair of the gamekeeper was not mentioned in the first book,  since it was told from a character’s point of view, I like how it was designed in the movie. Futuristic but minimalist.

          I had to mention Clove because I find her astig. I wish she hadn’t died as quickly. And I like her face when she’s about to attack. Parang sanay na sanay pumatay. HahahaJ

Now here’s what I don’t like about the movie:

Deleted scenes and characters:

          Yes, not all scenes can be included in the movie because of the timeframe but some important scenes should be shown and some of the memorable parts of the book. This is I think a problem of adapted movies that can‘t be avoided.

Action :

          As compared to the book, the movie was not as action packed. I wish there would me more fight scenes in the next two movies.


          What I mean here is that I can’t feel their hunger the way I felt it when I was reading the book. I cannot feel the desperation of the people and their struggle which I think is one of the focal points of the story.

So overall, I would give this movie a rating of 5 stars ★★★★★

P.S. I changed my rating scale from 5-point to 7-point. I feel that a 5 point scale is too limited and a 9 or 10 point one is too broad.