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Lady Gaga's Born this Way Ball is in two days!! Although I am not watching (wala akong pera haha!!) I am excited for the country. Lady Gaga is one of the most amazing performers in the world. I think her concert would help not only the country's tourism value (as a prime concert destination, that is) but also the globalization of our music industry.

I am a fan of Lady Gaga. I think she is very creative, very talented and an excellent performer. I first heard of her on the ABC drama series Dirty Sexy Money where she sang the theme song (Beautiful Dirty Rich). After that she popped into the mainstream with her hits such as Just Dance, Poker Face and Love Game. Lady Gaga, who was thought to be a one hit wonder, became not just a sensation but a star. Her awards  and nominations from various award giving bodies and recognition from different organizations are testaments to her  great work. Aside from her great contribution to music, She is also recognized by different social organizations such as The Trevor Project for her support in promoting equality and against bullying. I think that she is not just a star but an inspiration to many.

Lady Gaga accpeting her award from The Trevor Project

However, not everyone feels the same way as I do. There are some religious groups who are protesting and asking the government to ban the concert because they believe  she is vulgar and lewd. Religious groups such as Intercessors for the Philippines, The Philippines for Jesus Movement and the Philippine Council for Evangelical Churches are just some of  those who oppose the US singer. They even describe her concert as "grossly blasphemous, immoral, lewd, obscene" with"demonic and occultist undertones that is an insult to our God and is a direct attack against our Christian faith."Their statement also said  that she  "greatly endangers the hearts and minds of our young people as it overtly promotes satanic worship and sexual perversity"

Anti-Lady Gaga Protesters rallying in front of Pasay City Hall

This is not the first time that the Born This Way Ball has been banned. A few other countries have already banned not just her performances but Lady Gaga herself  because of the same reasons. China's Ministry of Culture has her as the top most vulgar singer. Indonesia banned her due to Islamic protests, law enforcers themselves are not sure they can handle. South Korea, the largest Christian nation next to the Philippines, has succumbed to public pressure and banned anyone below 18 years old to watch her concert.

Personally, I find it ridiculous that they are taking time and effort against Lady Gaga. I do agree that there are times when her performances are vulgar and lewd but does that make her a bad person? Yes, her clothes are too skimpy and revealing but does that make her evil? I was watching a morning show yesterday and in their opinion segment, they had guests both from the religious organization and from the organizers of Lady Gaga's concert here in Manila. The head of the Religious group said that her song's (Judas) use of Christian personalities and lyrics were an insult to their faith. The organizer's argument however points out that her vulgarity in her performances are just gimmick and does not mean to offend anybody.

I understand these religious groups in what they are trying to fight for. They think she is not a good influence for the youth so they want her out. They were offended with what she had done, so they want her to stop. I admit that when I first saw her video of Judas, I was shocked and appalled. however, thinking about it and listening to what the song really says, I get that it was not vulgar at all. There is a part of the song that says "Judas is the demon I cling to I cling to." If you read just this line, you will really be shocked. However, when used cohesively with the other parts of the song, it does not pertain to anything demonic or satanic.  The reference to Jesus and other parts of her video may really offend some. But I don't think Lady Gaga meant it to be offensive. The song (as I believe) speaks of love. It tells us a story of a woman torn between the love of his man and the man who will betray him. I think she used the character of Judas since people have been using it as a reference to a traitor or someone who betrays.

Here is the said video:

I usually don't care about people when they rally or protest, but clearly this Lady Gaga issue really bothers me. Don't get me wrong ha. She does not bother me but the fact that there are people who wants her banned does. And to think that some of those who are behind these are  Catholic priests. I was born into a catholic family. I grew up being a strict catholic because of my grandparents who are devout catholic. I studied in a catholic school and graduated in one. I understand their sentiments why they think she is a bad influence but what I don't understand is their desire to stop her.

In school, I had Religion class and Theology classes. I was taught about Christ, his works and his word and how we should live it. I attend mass every week and it also speaks of Jesus Christ's and his teachings. But I was also taught how to respect other's belief. I was also taught about democracy and how everyone has freedom and responsibility. Growing up, I always believe that as catholic, we must understand and respect other people. We encourage others to share our faith but do not impose it. Jesus Christ himself taught us this when the Samaritan man gave helped a Jewish man.. I  think this particular gospel story does not only teach us to help others and look past our differences when one is in need but also to respect other's belief and that though they do not share our faith it does not mean that they are evil.'

Also, what I see here is that those who protests are more concerned about what they think Lady Gaga will bring to their children than what they need to teach them. I always believe that prevention is better than cure. If they think that Lady Gaga and her songs will teach their child immorality then prevent it. Not by preventing her concert but by protecting your child. From what? From the evils of the society which is discrimination and close mindedness. Instead of teaching your child not to listen to what you think is bad, teach them to discern and be understanding. Teach them to be open minded about other people and how to respect them. teach them that everyone is entitled to what they believe in. Sabi nga nila "walang basagan ng trip." Teach your children to be faithful, respectful and loving and not judgemental of others. Rather than protesting about concerts, this is what I think is more important.

I am sorry if the post is quite long  (actually wala kayong pake, blog ko to! haha) but please let us think first of what is really important.

 I'll be posting another video which speaks of equality and freedom of choice

 Pasensya na kung medyo magulo pa yung blog.  Di ako expert sa ganito so please bear with me muna. :)