RUNWAY - I do a little "sole" searching

I am not a fashion blogger. I do not know a lot when it comes to fashion. When it comes to my fashion style, as long as I am comfortable and I do not look like an idiot, it's fine. However, I am quite crazy about shoes. I think I inherited this from my mom who owns A LOT (and I mean the-next-Imelda-Marcos a lot) of shoes.  I believe that our feet deserves to look good as well as the rest of us since it's the most abused part of our body. So I am posting a pictures of shoes that I found in the net that I like (and I wish I have).

Dr. Martens:

Lester in  navy Chera wax canvas
From their Windsor collection, this 3 eye shoe has a Chera wax upper part and an off white sole. This sleek, tapered shape shoe is leather welted, which means that the upper and sole are sewn together and heat sealed.

Weldon in soft grey canvas
This classic, oxford style shoe is from their Kensington collection. This five-eye lace up shoe is light and comfortable, perfect for the summer season. It has a low profile airwair sole welted into its traditionally weaved canvas upper part.

Callum in black canvas
The Callum is a three-eyed shoe made from canvas, a traditionally woven fabric. From their Eclectic collection, it has a hard wearing, slip resistant sole that is sewn and cemented to the base of the upper and to the insole.


Men's classic 2-eye boat shoe in coal
A hard wearing footwear with siped rubber outsoles for maximum traction on slippery surfaces. Its hand sewn uppers are crafted from premium leather.

Men's Earthkeepers 2-eye boat shoe in off white crunch

Timberland, s Earthkeepers are eco-conscious casual shoes. the leather used in this footwear is from a Silver rated tannery for improved water, energy and waste management. It's rubber soles are made from 42% recycled rubber and lace crafted from 100% organic cotton.

There you have it. This is my first fashion related blog post. To my family and friends., you know what to get me for my birthday or maybe for Christmas!

P.S. I know that I am not a shoe expert.  All those descriptions are from the product overviews and I do not claim any of the photos as my own. However, I promise to learn more about these things so that in time I can give descriptions of my own.


  1. Been wanting to have a pair of Doc Martens but I love their boots. Love the range of colors and designs! They even have floral ones too! How I wish!



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