PIECES OF ME - Of podcasts and roadmixes

I was listening to peyton's pod casts on the net awhile ago and there was something that strucked me there It says"you can't choose your parents...but we can choose to ditch their bad side and accept their good side" I realized that it's true. We, as children, get mad at our parents sometimes because of what they do for us but we can choose to ignore those. We have this power to accept that our parents are not perfect. We have this power to accept that they too are humans.

If you are one of those kids who are angry at their parents because of what they have done to you, you should be affected what I am saying right now. You might be angry at them because they didn't allowed you to go out with this guy, or maybe they didn't buy the laptop you want but with the power that I am talking about,  you can erase all these. This power is love. Yes, pure love. If you just let your love for your parents take control, you will know that even though your parents are sometimes not what you want as parents, they only want what is best for you. They say that nothing surpasses the love of a parent to his/her child but you know what's better, the child who loves their parents back.

I made my first road mix awhile ago and it was so long. I guess I kinda got carried away and it was an hour and a half long. It's just 902 mb of my favorite songs that i am planning to listen to while away or feeling blue. It was a collection of my "feel good" songs. Plus, I am hoping to start my own pod cast in the days to come.