PIECES OF ME - A Day In The Life Of The Devil

When I was in college and twitter and Facebook was not yet mainstream I used to blog on Multiply. Yes, the online shopping center that it is now or it's gonna be was originally a social networking site very similar to Friendster. For those who don't know [or can't remember, or in denial that they know] Friendster, it was the leading social networking site then. You add friends, put photos, give testimonials to your friends and post shoutouts. Multiply was also like that but Multiply just lets you store photos faster and add music, blog or whatever easier than Friendster.  Like I said, before this blog was created, I used to do it on Multiply and I write whatever I want; what happened within the day, what I would like to tell someone but too shy or too pissedto say it to their faces or just simple whatnots.

Now why am I telling you this, you might ask. Well it's because this post will be similar to what I do in Multiply. I'll be telling you of what happened to me. i know it sounds boring [not being sarcastic or anything but you might find that it really is] since nothing special really happened. I just wanted to share and if you don't want to read t, fine. it doesn't really matter. Anyway, before the introduction become too long than the actual post here it is: A Day In The Life Of The Devil.

A Day In The Life Of The Devil

I woke up to the sound of my mother's voice. She was telling me to wake up since we have to go to our house in Mercedes to pick up clothes since I only brought a few. Now why am I not in our house? Well, the recent monsoon surge hit us pretty bad. our streets were flooded and we were stranded for two days. Water entered our house but thankfully it was not worse than Ondoy. So we are staying in my grandfather's house so I and the rest of the family, can o to school or work.

So I woke up and went downstairs to eat breakfast. There was no food on the table since most of them woke up early and they cooked only enough for them. I don't want to cook anymore so I just ate two pieces of bread since I was not that hungry.When we went back. the water in our village was still high. The water near the guardhouse was still waist deep. We had to ride a makeshift boat just to get to our house. Flood water in our house was not muddy but pond like. So it was slimy and mossy. when we got our clothes we texted the bangkero (O diba.  Sosyal si manong. may text hotline) to pick us up. The ride back we had to get to deeper waters (in other words, sa kabilang street) to make it easier for the bangkero to manuever the boat since it was only knee deep in our street. I was like a scene cut out from an Amazon river movie. Swampy waters, fallen trees, and peaceful surrounding, I half expected for monkeys and crocodiles but I would probably die of fright if I saw them.

Anyway, we got back to my grandfather's house ate lunch and prepared to go out again. My sister and I will be watching The Bourne Legacy (courtesy of Nuffnag and Mandaue Foam) and My Mom and Dad will be heading to the airport. My Mom is going to China with her friends. So, we got to Shangri-la, registered, bought a bucket of popcorn and watched the movie. I didn't quite understood the movie since I haven't watched the other Bourne movies. (I will not be reviewing Bourne) But I understood enough to know what was happening. Anyway, the movie was nice although bitin. But the scenes in Manila was so cool although if you know the streets of Manila you'd probably wonder how they're in Taft the suddenly in Sta. Mesa then in Lawton that fast. But still it was cool to see Filipino artist like John Arcilla, Joel Torre and Lou Veloso in a Hollywood movie. By the way all three and I believe the other Pinoy artists in the movie are theater and indie actors.

 So the movie finished and my sister and I (Or I) decided to eat burgers. I have been craving for burgers for the past few days and I will probably not shut up about it unless I have had my craving filled. (If you live with me or seen my tweets, you'd have seen how intense my cravings can get i.e. my Big Mac craving but that's another story) So we went to Megamall to eat at Wham Burgers. What I love about Wham is that it doesn't have a lot of customers in that branch. You see, I don't like crowded places. I don't like places where there are groups that are noisy especially when eating. I like to eat quietly, calmly and peacefully because it helps me think things through, make decisions and just you know, think. Also, who would not want to have a decent meal and eat it peacefully. Anyway, my sister ordered a Bronco burger (Burger with Bacon and BBQ sauce) while I ordered a Kapow (Burger with salsa and jalapenos). The burger was so big we were so full after eating it.

When we got back, my father was telling my grandfather and my sister about a Korean carinderia near us. My sister and my grandfather wanted to try it and they were asking me too but i declined since I was still so full from the burger that I ate (Maybe next time). I went upstairs to rest then I went to sleep And that's how my day ended.

I know it may sound nonsense but I just wanted to share that even though our house was flooded and we are not living in our house, We still bond and we still have good times. We are still lucky since we have someplace to go to and none of us were hurt. My day would be so boring to some but to me it was a special day, just like all days since I was with my family and we are safe.