PIECES OF ME - Singing in the sadness

For the past few days, I have been feeling under the weather. I don't know why but maybe because of the rain, the stress from work and other things but I've been feeling gloomy. Any way, Do you notice how when you feel down, and sad, it's as if the whole universe conspires to let you feel it more. It's as if the world is rubbing the sadness in or telling you, go ahead, feel that pain, let your emotions run through and you do it.

 Whenever I'm sad, I listen to music or watch TV just to forget why I'm sad or to forget things for a while but somehow, every song or every line from a TV show just reminds me of the things I've been unhappy about or why I am sad in the first place. Again, I feel the world telling me to feel and embrace the pain. 

Right now, I am reading posts of what effect do sad or depressing music have on your depression and one comment struck me since most of those who answered do not listen to sad music or think it's ridiculous to listen to sad music when you're sad. But that one answer hit right on the spot. He said [I assume that person is a "he"] "I do listen, because it's part of the mood. It makes me feel both worse and better; The songs themselves make me feel worse, but they let me get to the lowest point of my depression -faster-, thus I can recover more quickly. So, if I want to get it over with as quickly as possible, the music helps me feel better... By making me feel worse." Making you feel better by making you feel worse. 
For some strange reason, I agree with him. When your sad and crying, most people will tell you to stop crying, pull yourself together and yet you don't feel better. You only feel sad because you haven't let the emotions escape you.  But when for some reason, when you are crying and someone says, just let it out, you cry out your lungs and after all that, you feel better.  All the pain and sadness seems to have been washed away by your crying and then you feel better, like you're ready to face the world all over again. I guess that's what the forum comment means. Whenever he's sad, he listens to sad music to let himself feel all the pain and agony and after he feels that all that's left is to feel better. Remember, when you're down, there's no place else to go but up. 

So that's it. I hope to have shared a piece of myself with you. I am leaving this post with some music to listen to. It's not actually a really sad song but something that I hope can help whenever you're sad.