PLAYBOOK - The Phantom of the Opera: My Phantom experience

The Phantom of the Opera is inside my mind!! Sorry for this very late post. I have been very busy with work that I haven't had time to post this. Anyway, last September 15, I watched The Phantom of the Opera at CCP Main Theater. It was a dream come true!! Well, I'll cut to the chase and here is what I thought about it:

The Phantom of the Opera

Directed by: Harold Prince
Music by: Andrew Lloyd Webber
Lyrics by: Charles Hart

Cast :
The Phantom: Jonathan Roxmouth
Christine Daae: Claire Lyon
Raoul, Viconte de Chagny: Anthony Downing
Monsieur Firmin: James Borthwick
Monsieur Andre: Jason Ralph
Carlotta: Andrea Creighton
Madame Giry: Rebecca Spencer
Ubaldo Piangi: Thabiso Masemene
Meg Giry: Cat Lane

If I have to describe the show, I would say that it was AMAZING!!!! Really, it was the best show ever. Everything was well spot on, from the sounds, the lighting, the effects, plus no one could deny that The Phantom of the Opera is one of the best musicals ever written. Every song was heartfelt and brought tars, fright and awe to the audience. Well of course as it was written by the genius that is Andrew Lloyd Webber (He also wrote Cats, Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar and many others), it was truly an amazing show.

My ticket for the show! I was so excited!!

The Cast for that night's showing

Look! Filipino tenor Dondi Ong is part of the ensemble! he's also the understudy to Ubaldo Piangi

The Photo wall near the entrance. people have been writing messages and comments here

The banner at the entrance of the gallery

The view from where I was sitting. Can you guess what is underneath that curtain on the stage?

The costumes used in the show are displayed outside too

Souvenirs from the show!!!

I don't have photos of the show since it is not right to photograph a live theater show. Also, I would rather enjoy the moment and watch the show than take pictures of it. I also don't have pictures of myself since I watched it alone. Hahaha.

 It was a great show. The people had nothing for the cast (especially the Phantom) but standing ovation and applause.  It is truly a one of a kind experience that I will truly remember. The Phantom of the Opera is truly something worth watching.