SPOONFUL - Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Egg: Power breakfast!!

"Anything with cheese is delicious." I think I've said this phrase a million times just to point out how delicious cheese is or food with cheese are. I guess cheese owes this ti its high glutamate content which gives the infamous umami taste or commonly known as linamnam. That is why anything with cheese is delicious!

Now, my love for cheese has extended to my love for sandwiches. I'm a big fan of no-fuss easy to make sandwiches. I also grew up having sandwiches as baon for lunch because it's easy to make and easy to carry. Also my mom makes the most delicious crabstick and celery sandwich there ever is (My friends also told me it was delicious!). So being a fan of sandwich and cheese, it would result to another creative dish called cheese sandwich. haha.

So here forth is my take on grilled cheese sandwich:

Cheddar cheese (I used two kinds; sharp cheddar slices and Kraft Eden Cheese with buttermilk)

1. Preheat your oven toaster for about 5 minutes on high setting. I don't like waiting for too long as this makes the sandwich dry plus you don't want burned sandwiches.
2. In a skillet fry one egg until egg whites form but not fully cooked.
3..Place on slice of sharp cheddar on a piece of bread; add slices of Kraft Eden Cheese.
4. Place fried egg on top then close with another piece of bread.
5. Place in the preheated oven toaster for 2-3 minutes just to give the bread a toasted texture and to melt the cheese.

Now look how beautiful that is!

If you notice, the bread is a little darker. Well I added a few minutes in the toaster because I prefer a dark crusted toast which is not the preference of most people.

Now the reason, I used two types of cheddar cheese is that both have different profiles. The sharp cheddar is saltier and has more bite but the Eden Cheese with buttermilk is creamier than the other. Also, they have different colors. The sharp cheddar is more of an orange but Eden is more pale yellow in color. Now when they melt, it will look beautiful on your sandwich.

One of my instructions is to not fully cook the egg. Why? It's because the toasting will cook it again and one thing you don't want is overcooked egg. Plus the sandwich looks more appetizing when you see a little bit of that runny yolk when you slice it.

And that's it! If you want me to try recipes or have suggestions/comments please feel free to comment. Also if you are bloggers and want me to follow you here or on twitter just ask nicely and I'd be happy to oblige.

Happy eating!!


  1. Looks delicious!



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