SPOONFUL - Grilled salmon steak.

Keeping up with the blog tonight with my first recipe post!
For my first recipe, I'll be making something very simple and easy to do.  So for today, I'll be making grilled salmon.
I love fish. I love eating it fried, steamed, broiled or with soup like sinigang. However, sinigang is more tedious and complicated to prepare that' s why I am opting for grilled salmon.
Salmon is probably one of the most unusual fish. It is born in fresh water, goes to the ocean where it grows and goes back to the river where it was born for mating season. Taste wise, salmon's one of the most flavorful. It has a lot of natural oil that gives it its distinct flavor. Also, when fresh or cooked fresh, it has a melt in your mouth texture that is perfect for sashimi or sushi.
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here is what we need:
salmon(steak cuts)
Yes. That is all that we will be needing. It is that simple.

First, sprinkle salt and pepper on the salmon steaks. Rub it all over to make sure every part is well seasoned.
Next, heat a skillet or a stove top.grill. The secret to a great grilled dish is this part. You have to make sure that your grill is hot enough before you place your fish on top. When your pan is not hot enough, chances are your fish will stick to the pan, thus ruining the dish.
Grill the fish on one side first for about 10-15 minutes per side. It is important that you turn your fish when one side is already done to avoid disintegration of the fish. Salmon is a very tender fish so be extra careful when turning.
To top off the dish, prepare a dipping sauce of your choice. It could be a lemon butter sauce(melted butter with a dash of lemon juice) or a thai sauce made from nuoc nam fish sauce with chopped cilantro or something very local like toyo and calamansi.
Grilled salmon is very basic and there are numerous ways on how to do it. What I have done is very simple but it' s really up to you on how you want your food to taste.
Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did. Try this recipe out or make your own version and post it here.
Happy cooking!!
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