PIECES OF ME - 100 People I Would Like To Meet Before the World Ends

Friday, December 21, 2012 is the last day of the world.Or at least according to the Mayans. There's been a lot of buzz about it for quite a few years now and now people seem to think that a crazy hit song is a sign of this "inevitable" happening.

So I was thinking, why not ride with this crazy hoopla and post something end of the world-ish? Well, I am not gonna scare you off with well written hoaxes and fallacies (Which I think I could do) but something people do when they are about to die. Lists. People make lists when they know something is gonna happen or when they are bout to  leave to tell their friends and family what to do, what they wish to do or whatever. So since the world will be ending soon, I am making my list. 

It's not a list of what I would like to do before the world ends because I would really have a hard time doing that (considering present predicaments) but it's a list of people that I would like to meet before everything is gone. I'm sure everyone has this list. So I  will be posting mine. OK enough chitchat and let's get on with it.

100 people I would like to meet before the world ends. (The list is in no particular order or preference)

100. Tom Hooper. Director of The King's Speech and Les Miserables. (I'm a big movie fan and I think it's his work is cool.) 
99. Christian Bale (i saw him first in Into the Sun and I think he was one of the best Batman ever)
98. Christopher Nolan (I told you I am a big movie fan)
97. Jack Nicholson (If Bale is the best Batman, Nicholson is the best Joker)
96. Gwyneth Paltrow (One of the most beautiful women in in Hollywood plus a great actress and singer too)
95. Queen Elizabeth (She's the most celebrated royal of the century!)
94. Olivia Newton John (I love Grease!)
93.  James Lafferty
92. Edgar Allan Poe. (Yes he's dead but just when I have the chance so...)
91. Chad Michael Murray
90. Tina Turner (Queen of Rock and Roll!)
89. Elvis Presley (King of Rock and Roll)
88.  Bethany Joy Galeotti
87. Patti Lupone (Brilliant theater actress)
86. Sarah Brightman (The original angel of music)
85. Cameron Mackintosh (The producer of Les Mis, Phantom, and other great musicals)
84. Idina Menzel (Well since were on the musicals now, She was the original Elphaba on Wicked)
83. Kristin Chenoweth
82. Alan Cumming (He played Nightcrawler and I am partial to anything blue)
81. Carol Burnett (also an amazing and award winning actress. She was Miss Hannigan in the 1982 version of Annie)
80. Kathy Bates.
79. Hector Elizondo
78. Beyonce
77. Jay Z
76. Kanye West (He's an ass but I would still like to meet him)
75. Lance Armstrong. (everyone say he doped but I still think he's a great athlete)
74. Anna Wintour
73. Michael Jordan
72. Kobe Bryant 
71. Michael Phelps
70. Francesco Carrozzini
69. Leila Barros
68. John Travolta
67. Jennifer Holiday
66. Loretta Devine
65. Andy Serkis (He plays Gollum and Caesar in Rise of the Planet of the Apes)
64. Matthew Morrison (I was a big fan of Glee until the fourth season)
63. Chris Colfer
62. Christian Louboutin
61. Donatella Versace
60. Giorgio Armani
59. Roberto Cavalli 
58. Seth Macfarlane (He created Family Guy and voices Peter, Stewie and Brian  Griffin)
57. Heidi Klum
56. Franca Sozani
55. Annie Lennox
54. Leann Rimes (I'm a fan. Don't judge)
53. Cory Monteith 
52. Britney Spears (It's Britney, bitch)
51. Christina Aguilera
50. Josh Radnor
49. Jason Segel
48 Alyson Hannigan
47. Colbie Smulders
46. Neil Patrick Harris (Big fan of How I Met your Mother and he's also a brilliant actor)
45. The actress who will be playing Ted's wife in HIMYM
44. Sir  Elton John
43. Oprah Winfrey
42. Ellen Degeneres
41. Sir Ian Mckellen 
40. Sir Rowan Atkinson
39. Andrew Lloyd Webber
38. Julie Andrews
37. Fall Out Boy (Well they're a group of persons but I've known them as a band) 
36. Hugh Jackman
35. Anne Hathaway
34. Logan Lerman
33. Daniel Radcliffe
32. Emma Watson
31. Rupert Grint
30. Orlando Bloom
29. Helena Bonham Carter
28. Johnny Depp
27. Albert Einstein
26. Leonardo Da Vinci
25. Salvador Dali
24. Vincent Van Gogh (I would probably cry if I saw him and his lost ear)
23. William Shakespeare
22. Abraham Lincoln
21. The guy from Quaker Oats (He used to be in my nightmares and I would like to tell him that I triumphed over him. Ha!)
20. Lea Michelle
19. Walt Disney
18. Steven Spielberg
17. Barbara Streisand
16. Whoopi Goldberg
15. Tyra Banks
14.Sylvia Plath (Yes. She's dead and it's impossible but if I had the chance of meeting her, I would ask why did she ever think of putting her head inside an oven or what temperature setting was it on)
13. Sophia Bush
12. James Earl Jones
11. Hilarie Burton
10.  Madonna! (Well, she's like the Queen of Pop!)
09.  Michael Jackson (King of Pop. Yes I would like to meet showbiz royalties. dead or alive)
08. The man who created Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and Howl's Moving Castle
07. James Cameron
06. Lea Salonga
05. Robert Frost
04. Ryan Cayabyab
03. J. K. Rowling
02. My future children
01. My future wife

So there you have it. Some on the list may be very impossible for me to meet (since they're already dead) but if they were alive and I have the chance to meet them, why not?

Feel free to leave questions, comments/suggestions

Happy reading!


  1. Haha! I knew it!! Hilarie Burton's on the top 20! Natawa ako dun sa quaker oats! :))

    Happy holidays! See you Friday!


    1. hahaha! In no particular order nga e. hahaha! See you!


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