FROM THYSHELF - Catching Fire and Mockingjay: Not as Hungry for it

So I finished reading Catching Fire and Mockingjay about two weeks ago. I know it's kinda sucks for someone who calls himself a bookworm and has my reading speed. I swear I am not this slow but I have my reasons. And also, you might think it's also slow that I've finished reading the book two weeks ago and write about it only now. Well, does it help that I recently have been dreaming I'm living in this hunger games kinda world and me ending up taking care of a baby who I am not sure whose is.? Yes it does. But more of that in my future posts.

Anyway, As I've said I've finished reading Catching Fire and Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins, and here is what I thought about it:

Catching Fire

The story of Katniss continues as she embarks on a celebratory tour for her and Peeta's win on the Hunger Games. However, her act of defiance at the end of the games had cost her more than her winning. Sure she and Peeta has won for her district but it seemed to cause her more trouble. President Snow sees this as an act of rebellion.  Now Katniss and her family  (and even Gale) is in danger. President Snow himself had threatened Katniss that they have to subdue the rebellion she seemed to have inspired. Peeta then proposes to Katniss in public hoping that this will settle the dispute with Snow. Snow however is still not convinced. Katniss then encounters two runaways from District 8 and learns of a theory that District 13 still exists but underground. Katniss gets the shock of her life when due to Snow's doing, She and Peeta and thrown back into the arena for the Quarter Quell, a special edition of the Hunger games where twists are involved this time including previous winners. Katniss and Peeta joins in the games where they meet previous victors of the games. During the games Katniss then discovers a chink in the force field surrounding the arena. She tries to destroy the force field resulting in destroying the arena. Katniss was temporarily paralyzed and when she woke up, she was in District 13 with Gale telling her that their home, District 12, was bombed and destroyed.

Personally, I think Katniss is not the same girl after the games. In the first book, Katniss was this defiant, feisty and strong girl who would do anything to protect her family and fight for what she believes in. However, in the second book, it's like the games has tamed the lion. Maybe the death of her friend Rue and the cruelty of the whole situation got to her. I could only imagine the horror of celebrating while some people grieve. It truly was a desperate situation. However, if I had Katniss' skills in hunting and fighting, I would have killed Snow that time when he met with her. I would have grabbed a knife ans stuck it in his heart. It's a stupid plan but if there comes a time where I became that desperate, that's what I would do. Writing this, it may be that Katniss was not that desperate after all. She may have seen a ray of hope when she defied the Capitol. Therefore using her brains more to fight back which is a pretty kick ass move than stabbing someone with a kitchen knife. haha. 

However, I do not like how she is toying with the emotions of Peeta and Gale. She knows Peeta is in love with her that the boy would die for her And she also knows Gale would do anything for her. KAtniss is really stupid for leading the two boys on. She really needs to think about her feelings more often or better yet, set aside her feelings first and worry about her and her family's safety first. Thank God, She is not one of my friends because if she was, I would have called her a bitch. 

Now let's move on to Mockingjay


In this last installment, Katniss finds herself in District 13 with her mother and her sister after their district has been bombed. She then learns that her companions at the Quarter Quell has been involved in the rebellion. She has been rescued but others, including Peeta is captured by the Capitol. Katniss is being recruited by the rebels as their mockingjay. They told her she became a symbol of hope for the rebellion. She agrees on the condition that the victors captured by the Capitol are pardoned and that she gets to kill Snow. She then proceed to promote the rebellion while the Capitol is using Peeta to contradict her. The District then rescues Peeta only to find out he has been brainwashed almost killing Katniss when they were reunited. Katniss then trains to become a soldier to fight in the rebellion. Peeta joins her team when one of her team members fall. In their mission to attack Snow, most of her team members dies leading Katniss in Snow's mansion where children are supposed to be led for safety. Katniss knows this was Snow's plan, to use the children as a shield. A hovercraft comes releasing parcels in parachutes which explodes. Rescue team arrives including Katniss' sister. Parcels exploded killing Prim in the process. Katniss realizes that the trap was designed by Gale and in her encounter with Snow, he tells her it was not his plan and he would have escaped if he had a hovercraft. Katniss then realized that someone must have ordered Prim in that rescue team to make it look like the Capitol killed Prim. During the death sentence of Snow, Katniss raised her bow and shot President Coin, the leader of District 13. Katniss was pardoned due to her apparent insanity. Peeta then follows her to District 12 where they are trying to rebuild their home. In an epilogue, Katniss is married to Peeta with two children. 

It was kind of a stupid move for Katniss agreeing to be the rebel's mascot. Sure it helped them but if you're in a war and someone you love is in the hands of your enemies, you would not waste time being a mascot and work your ass off to save them. I guess, she knows that the war is more of political than civil. Thereore she has to work with the politician rebels than try and rescue Peeta. It was stupid of her to realize that late that Coin wants the power for herself. Also, I did not like how the story ended. It was as if, Katniss and Peeta was let go of society. I'm sure they were fine by it after everything that happened but it was like they didn't matter to people. It was after all because of them that people felt hope of living a new life. I didn;t say that people should glorify them but at least recognize them for their efforts after all that they had done. Also I did not like how Katniss was being treated by the rebel officials. She was their hero, she fought for her life to defy the capitol and to give people hope. I guess, she didn't have the trust of the people. Well considering that it was a political war, why would you trust a teenager to lead you?

Anyway, that's what I thought of the book. You may realize that I only pointed out things that I don't like because I don't like the story. It's good though however not as exciting as the first book was. I am just hoping they do a good job with the movie.

If you have books to recommend or questions or reactions just post them below!

Happy reading!


  1. HAHAHA! Thank God I'm not Katniss! Though I see your point. She's so confused and I'm like, get a grip girl! But I have to commend the games or the "new system" of the games (whatever you call it). I actually like that part.

    I'm not so happy with book three, too and I agree with everything you said.


  2. "HAHAHA! Thank God I'm not Katniss!" Yeah or I would have called on you. haha.


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