SILVER SCREEN - May Himala! Hindi Lang sa Puso ng mga Tao! Pati na rin Sa Sinehan!

Yes! May himala sa sinehan! The restored version, that is. ABS-CBN has restored the critically acclaimed Ishmael Bernal film, Himala. I watched it yesterday and here is what I thought about it:


Nora Aunor as Elsa
Vangie Labalan as Saling
Spanky Manikan as Orly
Gigi Duenas as Nimia
Laura Centeno as Chayong
Ama Quiamboa as Sepa
Cris Daluz as Igme
Ben Almeda as Baldo
Veronica Palileo as Mrs. Alba
Pen Medina as Pilo
Lem Garcellano as Narding
Joel Lamangan as Priest

Himala is a story of a young barrio lass named Elsa, who allegedly saw the Blessed Virgin Mary during an eclipse. Her town, Cupang as believed by many, is cursed. Elsa, after saying she saw the Holy Mother, began her faith healing as she claims it was instructed to her and people began to flock the desolated town.. Things got out of hand when Cholera spread through the town. Chayong, one of the apostles and Elsa's friends, committed suicide due to an unfortunate event, and Nimia, also Elsa's friend, returned from Manila to open a cabaret in their town. Due to the uncontrollable happenings, Elsa decided to stop healing. When rain, which was elusive in the town, poured, people believed that the epidemic and the deaths were just a test and the miracle has returned. Elsa then called everyone and confessed that she did not see the Blessed Mother. She told everyone that there is no miracle ("Walang himala! Ang himala ay nasa puso ng tao! Tayo ang gumagawa ng himala! Tayo ang gumagawa ng diyos at ng mga sumpa!"). A gunshot was fired and Elsa drops down dead. 

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the award winning film. Written by Palanca awardee, Ricky Lee and directed by National Artist Ishmael Bernal, Himala is really an exceptional film. I would have to say, it was a brilliant idea of ABS- CBN to restore this amazing and powerful movie. People who haven't seen the original version will truly appreciate this movie. 

Nora Aunor gives a stellar performance as Elsa. I have to say, she really is the superstar. Every movement, every blink of her eyes, you'd feel the emotion and passion. After watching this film, I now believe she really is a Superstar.

Ricky Lee, I must say, is a genius. The story of Himala is so powerful and moving. This wasn't the first time that I've heard or watch about faith healers but there is something in the film that made me want to believe in Elsa's story the way other people believed her. The genius mind of Ricky Lee. So Amazing.

Anyway, SM Cinemas is showing the restored version of Himala. I strongly recommend this movie. So catch it now as come Christmas time, MMFF movies will start to occupy cinemas. Also, ABS-CBN is said to also restore Peque Gallaga's Oro Plata Mata and Manuel Conde's Gengis Khan.

Happy watching!


  1. Thank you for a great review. I was in awe when I watched this film in 1982. I was very impressed. It was so much different than other local films I'd seen at that time. Pang international release ang dating. The film was done with perfection in cinematography, story and high caliber performance by actors more particularly by Nora Aunor. I knew then the film will be immortalized and Nora Aunor will live in the hearts and minds of Filipino people forever!

    1. Thank you! I was so impressed by the film too!


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