Repost: In Times of Trouble...

Typhoon Bopha(Pablo) has already entered Philippine area of responsibility. And tonight I'll repost something that might help prepare us for the storm. Now I hope this post will really help.

Read on!

Essential things needed in times of trouble:

Number one is a heavy duty flash light.

I recommend a heavy duty one since when power is out, you don't know how long it's gonna last plus, it will last longer than an ordinary pen light or a torch. Also, make sure it is fully charged.

Next is a stock of emergency candles

You might say it's redundant to have a flashlight and candles but it's better to make sure. Also, if you only have one flashlight and you need to go somewhere, let's say to look for food or whatever, it would be foolish to leave your companions behind in the dark. Plus, the candles can give extra warmth during cold nights, just be careful when using them because they can also be fire hazards.

If you have candles, you must also have matches

Of course, you need something to light the candles with. I, personally, recommend this brand, Commando, because their matches are water resistant. Even a soaked match will light up. Trust me, I've been using them during my college days inside our laboratory and they really are water resistant.

Next is your standard first aid kit

Your standard first aid kit should always be readily available and fully stocked. In times like these, you never know what is gonna happen.

Also, I think you should always have blankets and extra clothing

It's always best to keep warm so an extra blanket or an extra set of clothing will always come in handy.

Also have a set of toiletries
You don't want to be stuck in an evacuation center feeling icky and dirty so it's better to have them together with your supplies.

Stocks of bottled water

During a typhoon, clean water is very hard to find, to keep yourself from getting dehydrated, have stocks of bottled water ready.

Also, have stocks of canned goods and other ready to eat food available

Others might say that you need to cook canned goods before eating them, yes it's advisable to eat it that way but it's also safe to eat them straight from the can. Before food is canned, it is already cooked and the temperature required in processing the canned food is so high that the food inside the can will be cooked too. Just make sure that the canned food that you will eat is not yet spoiled or expired. Also, check the cans for presence of bulges or leaks because these were probably not processed properly and is not safe for consumption. Also, once you open the can, check the underside of the lid for black marks. These black marks are sulfide stains and are poisonous. Make sure also, to properly dispose of your cans since the edges of cans are very sharp.

Another thing that will come in handy is a Swiss army knife
A Swiss army knife has many attachments which I believe will be handy not just in times of disaster but for everyday use as well.

Also, always have cash with you

You never know when you need to buy something. An ATM card is handy yes but when power is out, some banks go offline as well.

Always have a jacket ready

A sweater and/or a jacket will always keep you warm so better have them with you

Also, always have a sturdy rain boots 

It is never safe to walk in the flood. You can get all kinds of diseases and all the dirt in the streets. So, always have them with you.

Of course, always have a sturdy umbrella

Do I need to explain this one?

And of course, with all the items I've listed, you need something to put all of them together. So, yo also need a waterproof bag

Make sure that your bag is sturdy and ready for wear and tear since you might be hauling it everywhere. Also place all your important documents and identification in a waterproof case to protect them.

Now I hope what I listed here will help you now or even in the future. Keep safe everyone and let us all pray  for everyone's safety.

Now I don't know how many people are reading my blog or how many people will see this post but if you're kind enough, please spread this post. It's really hard to be in trapped inside your house during a storm (first hand experience). So please let us do everything to help.