I made a promise to myself to watch all movies nominate for Best Picture in The Academy Awards. Not only to say that I've watched all but also to be a fair judge to the result of awards night. So a few days ago, I watched Ang Lee's masterpiece and his story telling of Yann Martel's best selling novel, Life of Pi and here is what I thought about it:

Life of Pi

Directed by: Ang Lee


Suraj Sharma as Pi Patel
Irrfan Khan as Adult Pi Patel
Adil Husain as Santosh Patel
Tabu as Gita Patel
Vibish Sivakumar as Ravi Patel
Rafe Spall as Writer
Gerard Depardieu as cook

Life of Pi based on Yanna Martel's best selling novel is about the story of Pi Patel and his journey through life. Life throws him a curveball when he and his family, on their way to Canada, were caught in a storm in the Pacific Ocean leaving Pi the lone survivor together with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. Pi survived 227 days in the middle of the ocean with only the tiger as his own companion. How he survived and what he learned along the way is what made this film amazing.

What I love about this movie is that it was visually appealing and entertaining. Cinematography and editing is done so crisply and perfectly that one would really feel what was happening. And since it was also shown on 3D, it kinda enhanced all its effects.

What I also love is that the story is so heartwarming, touching and very incredible. A very bizarre tale of love, friendship, family and faith. In the story, the writer was telling Pi that he wanted to know his story because someone said it would make him believe in God. Pi's story is so amazing and his faith in God is so immense that one would really believe in God.

This is one of the most amazing movies I've seen and I strongly recommend everyone to see it. Ang Lee did something really magnificent with this movie.

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