SPOONFUL - B and T Mexican Kitchen: a review

Here is my first ever Restaurant review! If there is one thing I enjoy, it's discovering new places to eat. I love the feeling that you have your "place" for a specific type of food.  A "place" means the restaurant or store where you love getting or eating a type of food like my "fresh lumpia place" is New Po Heng in Binondo or my "burger place" is Wham Burgers or my "Green Mango Curry place" is Jatujak. I love that I have specific places for food and the only way to discover these places is by trying them out. So this post is about a new  restaurant that my tired a few weeks back and here is what I thought about B&T Mexican Kitchen.

B& T Mexican Kitchen is a small Mexican restaurant located at Senkai Center in Greenhills. They serve a wide range of quesadillas, tacos, burritos, chimichanggas and fajitas. They also serve tostadas, mexican salads and pizza too! The price range is quite reasonable considering the serving size of their dishes. And since they serve for like two very hungry persons per dish, it would be best if you eat here with a companion.

What we ordered was a wet pork burrito, a beef burrito, a chicken quesadilla and nachos with a nine layer dip.

Chicken Quesadilla

Wet pork burrito

Dry beef burrito

I do not have any photos of the nachos and the nine layer dip since it was wolfed down, the moment it arrived.

The food is quite delicious, it wasn't the best burrito or quesadilla but it's filling. Also, though there were six of us, we didn't get to finish everything since servings were really big.
There tortilla dough was quite thick which did not help in eating the food since you have to exert effort in eating it. Though the quesadilla filling and burrito filling was good.
The nachos and the nine layer dip was the one I enjoyed the most. The nachos were a mix of the plain ones and purple nacho chips which was quite interesting. Though the dip needed a little less sweetness and a spoonful more of cheese sauce, it was fine.

The place is quite small which is nice of you want a nice quiet dinner but when we were there, there were a lot of customers and I kind of hate crowded places. Also, they use paper plates which were kind of a mistake since the cheese sauce and salsa wets it and no one wants to eat off in a wet paper plate.

The staff and crew were nice. Since we were newbies in the restaurant, they were very willing to help us pick fillings for our burritos and offer their suggestions which are plus points to any food establishments.

All in all, B&T Mexican Kitchen is a nice restaurant but I don't think it is my "taco place" or "burrito place." But since it is pretty new, maybe there will be improvements in the coming years.

To know more about B&T Mexican Kitchen Visit their facebook fan page here.

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