PLAYBOOK - My Top 3 Songs From Les Miserables

Who's excited for the Les Miserables premiere on January 16? I AM!!!!!!!

The people here at home knows how in love I am with this musical or any musical in particular. Les Miz is one of my favorites!!! Les Miz has the most beautiful songs of any musical that I know of. I watched the 10th Anniversary concert and the 25th Anniversary concert of the musical and I was just so amazed!! The songs were beautiful and the actors were so great!! Well it's no secret how beautiful all the songs are but which of them are the best? Well, I'll give you my top three songs from this amazing musical.

#3 In my life/A heart full of love

This courtship/love song of Marius and Cosette is so sweet and romantic. Add the unrequited love of Eponine and you'd have one of the most beautiful love song ever written. What makes this song special is that amidst all the war, Marius and Cosette still found love in each other.

#2 Bring him home

Jean Valjean sings a prayer to God to protect Marius from the perils of the revolution. He's a father singing and praying  for a son that he never had. That's what Marius is to Valjean. Also, in the 25th Anniversary concert, Alfie Boe's performance is so moving and a certified tearjerker.

#1 One day more

This is one of the climactic points in the story. Valjean fears for the safety of her daughter, Cosette and Marius sad that their love story has so easily ended, the revolutionary students preparing for battle, this song is epic!!

Now I did not post  any of the songs because I want you to watch the movie but I have a special bonus. This song did not made my top 3 but it nearly did. It was such a fun song and I think the only fun song in the entire libretto. In the 25th Anniversary concert, Matt Lucas did a splendid performance of Master of the House:

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Happy watching!