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I'M BACK!!!!!

Yes. I am back to give you my two cents on everything that I find interesting; be it a movie, a book, an issue or just anything under the sun. And for my first post of the year, I will be reviewing the most recent movie that I've watched. The past two weeks has been the time for the Filipino movie industry to show that they can give quality films at par with world class films. The Metro Manila Film Fest is a showcase of Filipino talents that aims to promote Filipino movies and to boost the Philippine movie industry. However, there are some movies that seem not to  understand this aim. Most movie producers and production companies create movies that are of mediocre quality and done in poor taste. Well, I did not say that none of the entries are great but some are just tacky and cheap (More on this on the next post).

However that is not the point of this post. What I would like to talk about is an entry that I've watched last New Year's day. So here is what I thought about Star Cinema's entry for this year, One More Try.

One More Try


Directed by: Ruel S. Bayani

Angel Locsin
Angelica Panganiban
Dingdong Dantes
Zanjoe Marudo

One More Try is a story about a mother (played by Angel Locsin) whose child has anemia. She needs the help of the child's father (Dingdong Dantes) because the only option for her child is a bone marrow trasnplant. Their story is quite complicated since both are already have their own relationships. The father with his wife (played by Angelica Panganiban) and the mother with her long time boyfriend (played by Zanjoe Marudo). The story gets more complicated when the father is not a match to be a donor for his son. The only option left is for the father and mother to conceive another child to become the future donor for his brother. Now how will they do it, that is up for you to find out when you watch it.

Before the movie was shown, there has been an issue that the story is not an original one and was based on a Chinese movie. Well, the story clearly is not original and as well as almost every movie shown in the entire world is too. The story of a kid dying with anemia and the parents having to bear another to save the first child is not entirely new to me. but is that a problem? No. All stories are the same with another story. What makes it original are the twists and the characters of the story. So it really doesn't matter if it's original or not. The story was good and I like it. It won Best Picture at the recent MMFF Awards and was it justifiable? Well, it was good but I haven't seen the other movies yet for comparison if it is really the best.

Another thing wonderful about the movie is the actors. Angel Locsin gave a splendid performance. The girl is really talented and was a real contender for the Best Actress award. But for me her performance was just what was expected of her. Or what I would expect from her. I've watched Angel Locsin since her "Click" days. I've seen her act from Mulawin to Darna, Majika and even when she transferred to ABS-CBN, I've watched all her shows. And if you've seen her in her movie In The Name of Love, with Aga Muhlach, you'll know how talented and great she is so her performance was really great as it should be. Now with Angelica Panganiban, who is also a great actress, i was also not surprised that she did great in this movie. Like Angel Locsin, she's as great as what people expect her to be. Dingdong Dantes won the Best Actor award for this movie. Well, I am not a fan of his but was he good? I wouldn't go immediately to saying he is the best since I haven't watched the other entries but ever since I haven't seen a good acting from him. or was it because his co-actors are so good that they overshadow his talent? I don't know. But what I know is for me he did not do as well as the other cast members did.

Now the revelation in this movie is I believe Zanjoe Marudo. He was exceptionally good in the movie. And I think what made his performance look good is that people are used to see him do comedy or romantic films. I've seen Zanjoe Marudo do some crying scenes in teleseryes but his performance in this movie was really heartfelt and sincere. He was that good! Have he been playing a lead role, he should at least get nominated for Best Actor.

If you have any comments, suggestions or whatever, post them here, or message me on twitter @iamthebluedevil

if you haven't watched any of the MMFF 2012 entries yet, I suggest you do so now as you only have a few days left.

Happy watching!


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