PIECES OF ME - Singing my heart out

I love to sing. Growing up with a singer for an aunt is one factor why I love singing. I can remember singing at a young age of four at my cousin’s birthday party. I can say that music is a big part of my life.

I have this weird thing wherein every night, before i go to sleep, I would sing my lungs out and belt any song that pops into my head. I would be lying on my bed with the lights closed and I would sing to my heart’s content. They say that your voice will sound better at night than in daytime, but for some reason, I cannot sing as much when there are lights on or when I know people can see me. The only time that I sang alone in front of people was for my high school theater club and I did it with my eyes closed. I was pretending that I was on my bed seeing total darkness. It’s weird that the thing that I really love doing is the one thing that I can’t show to other people. My lucky ceiling is the sole witness to all my performances.

How I wish that there would be a time where I can sing to my desire and I would not  have to close my eyes. How I wish that every time I sing, I would see the faces of my audience and see how happy they are for me. I know that moment is nowhere in the near future but maybe someday. Someday when all things are right. As for me, I have to prepare for I would not want my ceiling to be disappointed.

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