SILVER SCREEN - Sisterakas: Was it worth it?

I am sorry for the lack of posts this past few weeks. My laptop was not working properly and it's just a few minutes ago since I got it back. Anyway, I promised more posts this year so here's another one.

January 8 was the last day of the Metro Manila Film Fest. And I thought it was last Monday. So I was at the mall, and thinking it was the last day of the festival, I decided to watch another entry. I really wanted o watch Thy Womb but I was already late for the screening and I wanted to go home early at that time. So I opted for another movie who fits the schedule and that movie is another Star Cinema entry. Yes. I watched Sisterakas and here is what I thought about it:

Sisterakas is about two siblings played by Ai Ai Delas Alas and Vice Ganda. They had a falling out when they were young because Vice Ganda's mother was the mistress of Ai Ai's father. Vice Ganda then worked hard to be a succesful clothing apparel owner so that when the time comes, he could have his sweet revenge on his sister and her family. Ai Ai on the other hand was separated from her husband and had to work hard to make ends meet since she has two daughters. Vice Ganda gets his chance of revenge when  Ai Ai applies in his company as his assistant. Ai Ai not knowing that Vice is his brother is perplexed and confused why his boss is always mad at her. Vice's rival in the business, helmed by Kris Aquino pirates Ai Ai because she knows that she is the secret to the success of Vice's company. The story ends when Kris got jealous of Ai Ai because her father wanted Ai Ai to be their COO to replace her. She then arranges for Ai Ai to be killed. Vice Ganda on the other hand had a change of heart and wants to reconcile with her sister. He then hears of the plan to kill her sister. Ai Ai was then sent to an old abandoned warehouse where she was to get murdered. Kris reveals herself when asked who is the mastermind but when she sees that Ai Ai has two kids with her, she had sudden change of heart. The gunmen, led by DJ Durano, now wants to kill them all but Vice Ganda, intercepts the bullet for Ai Ai. he was alive and they made peace with each other. They then merged their companies and called it Sisterakas.

Personally, I would not have watched this movie but because I really needed something to uplift my spirits i had to. But was the movie succesful in making me laugh? Well, sometimes. But those who were also watching with me were laughing hysterically. I suppose because I watch Showtime and Gandang Gabi Vice all the time that I'm already used to Vice Ganda's jokes and banter. So his jokes in the movie were no that new to me.

I watched Vice's interview in The Buzz and his reaction to the negative comments on the movie was that they know their movie is simple and had no deep story but they promise an exaggerated happiness when you watch it. However, I did not feel any exaggerated happiness after. It was a simple movie and in all honesty, walang kakwenta kwenta. But it was funny (Well, some scenes were). It made me laugh, though not hysterically, but it did. And we have to give them that.

There were also reviews that Ai Ai was the saving grace of the movie and I think she is. Although her acting is something that we would expect from her after the monstrous success of "Ang Tanging Ina" and its sequels. She did a pretty good job.

Kris Aquino should stick to horror movies. She was great in it, and her horror movies are the best. She should not dabble anymore in movies and characters that are beneath her.

So was the movie worth my time and money, well not really but was it succesful in making me feel happy? When I watching the movie, yes and that's it.

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Happy watching!


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