FROM THYSHELF - Blood brothers

This was my second review from Netgalley, which is a great site to review books which are recently published and even those who are not published yet. Here's what i thought about Jody Zimmerman's Blood Brothers:

Blood brothers is a story about two brothers, Philip and Billy who are bound by love, art, family blood and a dark past that haunt them until Billy's untimely death. Philip tries to uncover the truth behind the murder of his brother and in the process gets entangled in a terrorist plot involving someone from his past and in a art theft from years ago involving some of the world's greatest art pieces.

I have never read a book that has so much appreciation for art. I've always been fascinated with art and the book just showcase art pieces that though without images, one could just imagine how beautiful it is. Great descriptives on this novel.

What I didn't like about the story is that it was too long for one book. So many subplots in one story that when the story ended, there was no closure on those subplots. Although I really liked how the subplots were written.

Also, the story kinda involves a lot of sexual stuff. It was written in a "Fifty Shades of Grey" manner and as I've said, the story was very descriptive, so if you can't handle very grown up stuff, this book is not for you.

I wish the book was written in parts or release as a series so that the subplots were explored a little bit more and closures were also given. Though it would be quite a challenge since the story only happened in a short period of time.

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