FROM THYSHELF - They can't be Tamed

I got the copy of this ebook from Netgalleys which is a great site for bloggers and bookworms like me who love to read books and write something about them. This is my first review from the site and I would really like to share this book with you because it was really great. So here's what I think about Douglas R. Brown's Tamed

Tamed is a story about werewolves and how they are being sold as pets. They are the latest fad and people who can afford them can't get enough of them. Christine, a paramedic, responds to an emergency called and found out that the werewolf pet turned on its master. After that incident, Christine's life had change and then she founds out the horrifying secret behind these werewolf pets.

The story was amazing. It was horrifying, exciting, and thrilling all at the same time. I like how there's a back story behind every character. It kinda gives the readers a preview on how a character will react to a situation that might be related to his past. I also liked how every character had a shining moment in the story. Though it has a protagonist and antagonist, each character was given his own moment to show who he really was.

Also, the story had this Jurassic park meets Rise of the Planet of the Apes vibe that is really good. I have a very good feeling this would be a hit if turned into a motion picture.

I also liked how the story ended. It was one twist that I wasn't expecting. I can't mention it though for fear that I might spoil it but really nice ending.

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  1. Friend, congrats to your first galley! Glad you're enjoying it!



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