FROM THYSHELF - Where to look for Alaska

After a month of reading, I was finally able to finish John Green's Looking For Alaska. It was unusual for me to read a novel that slow but yes, that's how long to took me to finish the book. Anyway, here is what I thought about it:

Looking For Alaska is  a teen drama novel about a young boy named Miles who was sent to a boarding school by his parents. He met his room mate Chip and the girl who would be her crush. Alaska Young. The three shared different experiences, pranks and other things but tragedy struck when one night, Alaska drove and then crashed her car, leaving her friends alone. Now Chip and Miles try to find what was it that made Alaska upset to drive away that night and try to remember their friend they have loved so much. 

I usually speed my way through books, especially if it's a good one. The book was good, it has a nice story but it was just so depressing and sad that it took me a month just to finish it. reading the book made me so depressed than I already were. Well, if you think about it, it was a dramatic novel so I think it did a pretty good job of making the reader empathize with the characters. Good story though.

One thing too, I could not help but compare it to Katherine Paterson's Bridge to Terabithia. Of course Looking for Alaska is much modern and more grown up  than Terabithia's but it is somewhat similar. Not that it's a bad thing but the similarities are quite obvious.

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