MUSIC SHEETS - The moon shines on Yolanda

Nowadays, indie music is no longer as underground as it was years before. With the emergence of different music festivals such as Coachella and other music festivals, not to mention the outpouring support of celebrities, people have been listening more to indie music. Well this post is about one indie band who recently performed at the Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival held at Puerto Galera Mindoro. None other than Yolanda Moon.

Yolanda Moon is a Manila based electronic duo composed of Cholo Hermosa and Kyle Quismundo. Their music is a fusion of ambient, psychedelic, triphop and soul elements. They recently performed at the Malasimbo Music Festival held last March 1-3 together with other great musicians such as Joss Stone, Jimmy Cliff and Grace Nono+Bob Aves group. Check out the video of their song Path:

I love their song Path. Such a sweet melody without being too cheesy or overrated. Just plain calm, sweet and relaxing. Its a really great song!!

Check out more of their songs on theit soundcloud or like thair Facebook page and while you're at it follow them on twitter too @YolandaMoonSays

Yolanda Moon is signed under Terno Records.

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