PIECES OF ME - Cynthia Villar vs. Nurses

In a recent debate program held by GMA, Cynthia Villar was asked about an issue regarding the mandate of CHED to close down nursing schools who does not seem to have a good passing rate for the licensure exams. A mandate which was supposedly overruled by the Congress' Committee on education headed by Villar herself. Winnie Monsod asked Mrs. Villar can reconcile the decision of the Committee before and her desire to help the poor.
Watch her answer below:

Mrs. Villar was given a minute to answer the question and what I think she means is that they tried to compromise with CHED to accommodate not only the nursing students but also the schools who already invested based on the reason that the only thing lacking in these low quality schools are tertiary hospitals. Quite understandable, yes but when asked also if why then do we have a low employment rate for nurses, Cynthia Villar said, nursing students need not finish their college program since all they wanted is to be "room nurses" when they start working or when they go abroad. This answer spiked a rage not only against nurses and nursing students, who are studied hard to achieve what they have, but also netizens everywhere .

The issue was way back already. Closing down schools because of their low passing rate and yet no school was closed? If I were a nursing student, I would really see this as lack of concern from the government. Just because, schools had already invested does that mean it's okay to risk the quality of education that students should receive? If I were a businessman, I would see this as a temporary solution to a problem that needs a long term one. If what Cynthia Villar tries to do is to close only the third year and fourth year part of the program, that would leave a nursing school which offers only the first two years. Yes, you may say, at least the school was not closed, but what student would like to study half way then fight his/her way through quotas and cut offs again to continue their studies? It will be a hassle to the students which would then prompt them to enroll in other schools. The schools then would lose their business. With all due respect to Mrs. Villar, I know you tried to please both parties with that solution but it was damn stupid.

Also, why does she think that nursing students only want to be "room nurses?" Why does she think that nurses only want to be caregivers? These are professionals! It is really an insult to the nursing community. Not only does she thinks nurses do not aspire to be great in their field but also nurses do not need to seek higher education. Does she think that because you already have the first two years of education, that's enough for you to be a nurse? I know Filipino nurses are commended everywhere because of their dedication and commitment but I thin what they are also commended on is their competence. Filipino nurses are known to be competent nurses. Any nurse would really be insulted if someone thinks that they need not finish any degree since they only want to be a room nurse. Yes, some nurses do become caregivers but do you think they wan that? Who would prefer to be less than what they had worked for? Not that I am diminishing caregivers but would you prefer to not be a licensed professional? It seems, Cynthia Villar doesn't know now hard a nursing course is or how hard it is to be a nurse. She is a businesswoman after all. Maybe that's why she sided with the schools in the first place.

Recently her Twitter account was set to private and her Facebook page was deleted. Due to clamor and rage of the people? I don't know but more recently, her twitter account is once again public and she posted a public apology:

"@Cynthia_Villar: Taos-puso po akong humhingi ng paunmanhin sa lahat ng mga nurse at kani-knailang pamilya na labis na nasaktan sa aking kasagutan sa tanong na ibinato sa akin sa isang programa sa TV.

Alamko po ang sakripisyo at hirap na pinagdaanan ng mga nurse, mga nursing students at kanilang mga magulang at pamilya upang maitaguyod ang kanilang pag-aaral at propesyon. Hindi rin po lingid sa akin ang malaking tulong ng mga nurse dito sa Pilipinas at sa ibang bansa na nagta-trabaho nang lubos upang makatulong sa kanilang pamilya.

Humihingi po ako ng pang-unawa sa lahat ng mga nasaktan sa aking sinabi. Wala po akong intensyong maliitin ang mga Filipino nurses."

Honestly, I am not buying the apology. Of course no one would intend to diminish anyone but your opinion on them and how you see them may not be offensive to you but it may be to those who you pertain to. Also, setting your account to private? Deleting your Facebook page? May I remind Mrs.Villar that you are running for public office. Sadly, that also means you're under the public scrutiny at all times. If you can't handle the public pressure now, how will you handle it when you're in office? We, unfortunately, are in a country that doesn't value privacy especially those of public figures who also need it. Admittedly, we Filipinos think that we need to know every nitty gritty detail of people in public office or in the entertainment industry. It's a quality I am not proud of but we live in a hard knocked society. If you can't handle it, how can you even solve it.

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