RUNWAY - Suits:Looks Inspired by the Series

I finished watching the TV series Suits a few days ago and I was inspired to do this post based on the characters. Suits is a legal drama from USA which is about a law firm where the best closer in the city, Harvey Specter hires legal genius Mike Ross who was kicked out of college but takes the LSATs for others for money. One important factor noted in the series is how they wear suits all the time. Well, since they're lawyers, they have to always look formal and classy. Hence, I was inspired to create few looks for the two characters. Check them out:

This look made for Harvey Specter is from the Giorgio Armani Fall/Winter Collection which was showcased at the Milan Fashion Week. The three piece suit which Harvey is fond of wearing is paired with a maroon striped tie and brown dress shoes. Very formal yet stylish.

This look which I intended for Mike Ross is from Bottega Veneta and a little less formal than Harvey's three piece ensemble. Though Mike rarely wears colored shirt, I think the grey shirt and pocket square would suit him just fine. Also, the loafers would be appropriate for him too since he's younger and much less formal than Harvey.

Again, another three piece ensemble, this time from Ermenigildo Zegna. Though I think the blue vest underneath would give Harvey a bit of a kick from the usual vests that he wears. Also, we must not forget, Harvey's hair which is always perfectly slicked back. The hairstyle is an integral  part of Harvey's fashion.

The suits in this look are from Salvatore Ferragamo. Though Mike usually wears a white shirt, I think the blue dress shirt will do him just fine. It also gives him a sense of adventure rather than always wearing the traditional white. Also the boots will give an edge to this legal boy wonder rather than wearing black lace ups all the time. I also chose a look with a rider jacket since Mike usually rides his bicycle going to work. Though , the jacket would look more appropriate if he rides a motorcycle, the jacket would be a nice touch.

Season 3 of Suits will start probably by June or July. it airs here in the Philippines on Jack TV.

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