SPOONFUL - Grilled Gindara

My mom bought gindara steak from the market which kinda looks like salmon but has white and softer flesh. She asked the vendor what would be the best way to cook it and he said it  is usually grilled. So last night, that's what we had for dinner Grilled Gindara.

Gindara is more commonly known as sablefish or black cod, is caught along the North American shorelines and ends up in sushi restaurants where its delicate white flesh is prized for its flavor and texture. The meat of the Gindara has a high fat content which makes it more flavorful. Also it contains long chain omega 3 fatty acids, which is good for the heart, and EPA and DHA, which are good for proper brain development.

So for this recipe, I used a marinade for the fish to remove the fishy stench:

Grilled Gindara recipe:
Gindara steaks
Olive oil
Soy sauce
black pepper

Grate the ginger and place in about 5 tablespoons of water. Add chopped garlic and the juice of 5 calamansi. Add two tablespoons of soy sauce and a tablespoon of olive oil. Rub black pepper all over he fish steaks.Soak the fish steaks in the marinade for about an hour before grilling

When grilling, make sure your pan or grill is very hot to prevent the fish from sticking into it. Also, the fish is quite soft so you don't want the fish sticking to the grill. Make sure to turn only once to prevent the fish from drying out. Grill the fish until a nice caramel color is achieved.

The grilled fish will have a gingery, fruity sour taste which is very good and has the aroma of grilled garlic. Plus the combination of the flavors naturally present in the fish and the marinade is quite good.

We had a few leftovers and I was thinking of what to do with it. So awhile ago I turned the left over grilled fish into sinigang. I made a simple sinigang soup then added the grilled fish. It was quite delicious since the fish is quite flavorful and the ginger and garlic combination paired quite well the fruity sourness of the sinigang.

There are claims that Gindara contains so much oil that it has laxative effects so only 6 oz of fish is recommended per meal. However, I tried searching FDA regulations and reports to support such claims but I could not find any so I cannot verify those claims.

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  1. Forget the FDA. Just have a hearty portion of the fish and wait for the results. Don't stray too far from the toilet though.

    1. I actually continued researching about Gindara's laxative effects. I browsed through my father's notes (he's an aquaculturist) and found out that there is a limit when eating this fish. Also, I have proven it true from actual experience :p


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