FROM THYSHELF - How to Survive In The Company of Wolves

Wolves are one of the most well researched animals and probably the most associated with humans. They have more books written about them than any other wildlife species and having been despised and hunted in agricultural communities while being greatly respected by Native Americans.

Such is the comparison in this book I am about to write about. James Michael Larranaga's In The Company of Wolves: Thinning the Herd has compared human behavior into that of a wolf pack wrapped in mystery, murder, romance and life. Again, this was from Netgalley which is a great site to discover new novels and books. Here is what I thought about it:

In the Company of Wolves: Thinning the Herd is a mystery thriller novel written by James Michael Larranaga. The story is about Quin, an intern in one of the biggest life insurance companies. On his first day, he witnessed the murder of one of his clients. Quin, suspects that his boss and the company is involved but the more he looks for evidence, the deeper he becomes connected to company of power hungry business wolves.

What I like about this novel is it's comparison of humans and wolves. I know for a fact that the corporate world is a dog-eat-dog type but this novel did not just compared life insurance sales into a wilder beast but something that is darker, and more ferocious than a dog. I also love that there is an explanation of wolf behavior at the beginning of every chapter that correlates to the behavior shown by the characters.

I also like that there are twists in the early parts of the story. It just shows that the story has more depth than you would think that it have and how at times, the twists would make you feel that the protagonist is the real antagonist. I love that everything remained a mystery until it was time for it to be revealed.

This has got to be one of the most mysterious novels I have read. Every point in the story is a puzzle to be solved. Every moment is a rock to be upturned. Though this was only the first book, I would really like to read the second book as there are a lot of things I know will be revealed there.

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