MUSIC SHEETS - A Phoenix Will Rise From A Young Volcano

I know I've said I might not be able to write about music again but I guess the music in me has been fighting for its life. So I apologize for the absence of music posts but I think it's time that I pick myself up and write about music again :)

Anyway, a few weeks back, Fall Out Boy has released their brand new album, Save Rock and Roll.

Yes, after a long hiatus, Fall Out Boy is back and this time they are saving rock and roll. I have always loved Fall Out Boy. Though some are surprised that I love their songs since they know that I sing mostly pop songs but I do in fact listen to all kinds of music especially rock (in fact, rock music helps me study better).

Anyway, Fall Out Boy's new album has been doing good since its released. In fact, their first single "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark is already number two on Itunes most downloaded music since its release.

One of my favorites from the album is their song called The Phoenix. It speaks about coming back and not waiting for anything else but just doing what you need to do to rise from whatever your situation is. It kinda just picks me up and tells me to get up put war paint on my face and take back whatever life has stolen from me. I know it's easier said than done but I know that someday I will rise like a phoenix.  Anyway, here is the music video for Fall Out Boy's The Phoenix:

Today, Fall Out Boy's new music video for the third single in their new album is released. Watch the official video of Young volcanoes below:

The music video is a continuation of what we have seen in "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark" and "The Phoenix."

Anyway, I just have to say this by far has been one of the best Fall Out Boy albums yet. Save Rock and Roll  will be available this May and I know that I want to get my hands on one.

Fall Out Boy is not just saving Rock and Roll, they are also saving lost and broken souls with their music.

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