RUNWAY - A short swim

Every summer when I was in college, I had an obsession. It's not a creepy kind but more of on the fashion side. A few summers back I had a thing for flip flops. I would buy flip flops even if I don't need them. Then a summer after that it was sunglasses. I didn't care if it was a designer brand or just from a stall but if i liked it I would buy it. Summers before that, it was board shorts. I love wearing board shorts. They're comfortable, you'd be able to move around and it's perfect for summer. I remember when we went on a family trip for three days and I bought eight board shorts. And I used all of them. It's not as crazy as anyone would think but it wasn't something necessary to do but I had to because at that time I wanted to. Long story short, that summer I was crazy with board shorts.

So I was online shopping or online window shopping rather (haha!) and I came across Harrods' swimwear collection and I am loving it! Check out my top picks from their online catalog:

This Vilebrequin sharks swim shorts screams summer and swimming and fun! It's also mid length which is the trend on most swim shorts today so it shows off your thighs.

This Okoa jellyfish printed shorts is also form Vilebrequin. What I like about these is it's bright warm color which matches the weather.

This Orlebar Brown Dane swim shorts is perfect for guys who are not so adventurous when it comes to swimwear. A solid red color in just the right length is just right for the average guy.

Another piece from Orlebar Brown this time in short length. The bright cyan swim short is perfect for someone who can be quite adventurous but still like it to be simple an classic.

This flagship stripe swim shorts from Hugo Boss is a nice casual piece. perfect for those days when you just want to soak up some sun or just swim in the waters. 

This Fendi Basic Logo boxer swim shorts is for those guys who are not to keen to wear prints or brightly colored swimwear but still like to keep with the trend. Classic yet trendy. 

There you have it.  I can't wait to go to the beach this summer!!

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  1. Cute nung first and I like the last one, too! Classic!


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