My faith in humanity of animated movie makers has been restored!!

At yesterday's show, Ellen Degeneres has revelaed that Disney and Pixar is finally making a sequel to the best animated movie ever made, Finding Nemo!! Yes!!! There is Finding Nemo 2!!!

However, Ellen also revealed that the story will be focused on a very remarkable and very forgetful blue tang fish named Dory thus the title of the movie will be Finding Dory

Dory is of course voiced by Degeneres and I personally can't wait to see this movie. I am so excited!!!

Well, I don't know what or how the story will go but I am pretty sure Dory's short term memory loss condition has something to do with her needing to be found. Anyway, we just have to wait for a few more years since the release of the movie is said to be in 2015.

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UPDATE: Finding Dory comes to theaters in June 2016.