SPOONFUL - Lemon and Honey: Secret to a Golden Voice?

One scene I remember when I watched the Glee Concert Movie was when Rachel Berry was talking about how excited she was that they got to do a concert. When she was asked about how she is preparing for it, she shared her recipe for a drink that helps her sing beautifully: a cup of warm water, a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice. Of course, That's one thing I would remember. Rachel Berry was known for her incredible voice, so incredible that everyone is jealous of her talent. So, as someone who loves to sing and aspires to be as great, or possibly greater than, Rachel Berry, I tried her recipe.

It seems foolish that someone would really follow or copy from a fictional character. However, I discarded all rational thinking and did it. Anyway, the recipe does not call for ingredients that are unheard of or something that is inedible. According to the movie, Rachel Berry's secret to her golden voice is warm water, lemon and honey. 

I know that I was kind of making it sound like it was something more complex but it wasn't. Anyway, is there any truth to it? Well, based on my experience, it does help. One cup of the concoction, and few hours later, a perfect score of 100 on the videoke machine. But is it the key to achieving a golden voice. Well, not really but as I've said, it could help.

Though I have firsthand experience from the wondrous benefits of this recipe, I think it's fitting that we dig a little deeper into why and how it helps.

Lemon or Citrus limon, is a popular citrus fruit used primarily in cooking and baking. Lemons have anti-bacterial and antiviral properties. Also, lemons contain notable amounts of nutrients such as citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, pectin and limonene that fights infection and promotes immunity.

Honey is a sweet food made by bees from nectar. Honey is often used as an alternative sweetener. But it is also used for its health benefits. Honey contains monosaccharides such as fructose and glucose. The fructose contained in honey provides sustained energy while the glucose which is more readily absorbed gives an immediate energy boost.  Honey also has anti oxidant that promotes immunity. Also, honey is known to cure sore throats because of it anti-microbial properties. 

So that's it. Because of the combined anti-microbial properties of lemon and honey, the throat is rid of bacteria present. Plus, the warm water soothes the throat. That combination is enough to make singing as comfortable as possible. 

This drink might not be a real secret to a golden voice. I believe that having a golden voice is a gift bestowed to those who deserved it. However, if a gift is not used properly, it might be taken away. So if you believe you have that gift, then I guess this recipe can help you take care of it.

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