FROM THYSHELF - What's It Like To Be Henry David

I wonder what would it feel like to, one day, wake up and not know anything about yourself? You wake up in a strange place and you don't have a clue as to who you are, where you live or how did you end up in that place. It must be so scary and weird and confusing all at the same time. That's probably how the character, in this new novel I have read, felt when he woke up at a train station not knowing anything about his past. All he has is a book written by Henry David Thoreau and he's convince that it might somehow be connected to or it might be a clue about his past. So he follows Henry David Thoreau's journey as described in the book to Concorde, Massachusetts and there he starts to figure out who he is.

That is the plot of Cal Armistead's novel Being Henry David. I got a copy of this novel through Netgalley which is a great site for book bloggers and book reviews. I love how Netgalley has connections with publishers, big and small, because it opens us members to a wide array of choices!

What I like about this book is that it used a classic book nor just as reference but as an important part of the story. I like how the author used Thoreau's Walden not just as clue to Hank's  life but as a main plot of the story. Hank was trying to emulate Thoreau to try and discover who he is.

What I've really learned from this novel is that life would really throw you curve balls. Life would sometimes give you problems almost impossible to solve. You may try to ignore it, and runaway from it. And sometimes our brain can shut down trying to shield you from feeling all that pain. But time will come when you have to solve your problems. Time will come when you have to turn around and face the music. You may not know your past, but it is sometimes necessary to discover it to live in the present and the future.

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