MUSIC SHEETS - Bathe In The Sun And Get Some Tanlines

Summer's almost over but the weather does not seem to approve. The sun still blasts giving people more time to go on trips and go frolicking in beaches. I love going to the beach. Most people do. Most people also love bathing in the sun to get a tan.

 But one thing I know most people don't love are tan lines. Isn't it weird that your skin has this perfect sun kissed glow only to be cut off by a strip of fair skin. Or when your arms has this two toned look. Anyway, before this turn into a post about skin care, I am gonna jump right back into music. I have just learned of this band called Tanlines and their songs blew me away! They are not new to the music industry but I think bands that have great music should not stay hidden underground only for hipsters and indie lovers to hear.

Tanlines is a Brooklyn based duo composed of vocalist/guitarist Eric Emm and percussionist Jessie Cohen. Their music is described as straddling between mainstream and indie mixed with classicist pop. They started in 2008 and has released several EPs in 2010. In November of the same year, a compilation of all their released music was released entitled Volume On.

In March of last year, they released their first full length studio album entitled Mixed Emotions under True Panther Sounds.  The album was well received when it debut even peaking at number 2 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and number 8 on the Dance/electronic chart. However, like the album title, people had mixed emotions about their album. There were comments that certain songs lack a big pay off or that other bands do just as well as they do. But there were also praises from critics such as "Some of Tanlines most enjoyable work to date" and that the album "falls into the right place." According to Matt Conover (from "Mixed Emotions is one of the most vivid break up albums" and [Mixed Emotions] presses on some raw wounds which [he] felt compelled to acknowledge for honesty's sake."

When a song, or a melody affects you emotionally, I think that is a sign of great music. The ability of music to touch one's heart and evoke a certain feeling, whether it be a sad memory or a gleeful feeling or just makes you jump and dance, is one of the most important reasons why there is music.

I listen to their song "All of Me" and my mind just went from tired and restless to calm and soothing, putting me right to sleep. Others may not consider this as a sign of a great song but for me it is. Listening to great music calms me and just makes me feel good, or clears my head. Anyway, I will not just let you take my word for it but also make you watch the video:

I really loved this song. It feels indie/anthem-ish with a hint of 80's electronic pop. It's like one of those songs that when you listen to it, you'll just smile and remember scenes from your past and make you think about life. I am really glad I found it.

Anyway, if you want to know more about them visit their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @tanlines

 Though their music had some negative feedback, I still believe they are a great band. And I know that they are the Tanlines most people would not mind having.

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