PIECES OF ME - Happy 100th!!

This is my 100th post to date and i am proud to say that I have reached a milestone in my life as a blogger! I know that it probably not as much as other bloggers but this is a big thing for me because I never thought I would be able to write as much as I had.

You see, back in high school, I became a part of the school paper in my junior year. Compared to the other staff writers, I joined pretty late. I just have at least two years left in high school and still I was a novice in the industry. Throughout that year, I was given a few assignments and I was thrilled to see my name on print every time the paper was published. A small victory, but a victory nonetheless, for an aspiring writer like me. However, I was not as adept as the other writers in my batch, or even the batch younger than me, since they had joined earlier and had more training. They got sent to regional and national inter school competitions that I would have wished I could have joined. I don't resent that I was not a representative but had I joined and trained earlier, maybe I could have been a better writer.

When I graduated high school, I thought, my writing career is over. I wanted to focus more on my academics so I thought joining the school publication would be another burden. Also, I was studying one of the hardest courses offered by the university. I thought, everything else aside from my studies had to take a backseat.

There were a lot of opportunities for me to write in college. Term papers, weekly reports, lab reports were always there to keep my writing skills at their peak. However, writing technical reports is still different when writing a feature article. In technical writing, you have to make sure to keep it formal and scholarly and you have to use scientific terms and definitions that most of the time only people from your field can understand. In writing a feature article, the communication has more freedom. It's like how when you talk to people but they read what you say.

In my junior year, I volunteered to be my classmate's news staff as she was appointed news editor of our organizations official publication. I volunteered because I missed writing and because I missed seeing my name in print. It sounds so shallow but when you see that people are reading what you wrote, euphoria at its finest! I really enjoyed writing at that time and I even upgraded myself by also becoming an artist for the newsletter! Yes! Artist!! People didn't even knew that I could draw but somehow I was able to put up a few artworks for the newsletter.

Writing felt really good. Though I know that it, again, had to step back because I was graduating and had to work soon. Then I discovered blogging. Actually, I have been blogging during college on different social media sites but it was not a proper blog since I was just using it as an excuse to write anything. I decided to create my first blog called "In Meinen Augen" which was German for "In My Eyes." My original plan was to write my opinions on social matters or things that I think are relevant to me. But at that time, I was on the middle of thesis writing so I had to prioritize that. Also, I forgot the password of that account.

A few months after graduation, I learned that my friend Arra Abella of Style|Reader started her own blog. I was reminded of my lost blog page and I thought, why not start another one? I've always wanted to do it and I think it was the perfect time for me to do it. My friend did helped me get on track as she was doing it a bit longer than me. A few weeks later, iamthebluedevil.blogspot.com was born.

So here we are, almost two years later, and now a hundred posts! It's not much but you all know that I was working from some time so writing was at a minimum. Anyway, I am proud of all the things in my blog. They are all products of my creative brain and I stand by with everything I have written.

I have promise before that I will write more about music, food, books and everything else I write about. I have kept my promise and I will still do. I also promise that improvements will always be a priority of this blog. Thank you to everyone who has read or been reading my posts. I  appreciate it a lot.

Happy 100th post!! Cheers!!

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