A few days ago , I learned that one of my college batch mates had died. I did not try to know what his cause of death was. But I checked his Facebook account and I saw all his friends' condoling messages. I tried to  post too on his wall, but I didn't know what to write. I did not know what to say. After all, he and I were not that close. We were not even real friends. But somehow, I still felt sad about him passing.

Since I do not know what to say to him, I thought of writing about how I knew him and how did we met. This may be a very short post but I know this would really mean a lot to me. He and I were both studying the same course at UST, though we are not from the same class. There was one semester when we were classmates at a P.E. class (folk dance). Though we both knew each other and we were the only ones from the same course, we were not in the same group. That was probably the only connection that I have with him. We saw each other every week for P.E. but we don;t even talk about stuff; be it academic or just plain things friend would normally talk about.

After we became P.E. classmates, you'd thought that we'd be friends but sadly we weren't. We'd see each other on hallways and in between classes but we'd just nod or smile at each other. That was all the communication we had. When I learned that he had passed away, there was a part of me that regretted not being his friend. Not because he passed away that  I do but because I know how good he is as a person. I read wall posts of all his classmates and how they miss him and I know that he was well loved and that he loved his friends backed. I regret that I did not have him as my friend. One of our common friends wrote YOLO (You Only Live Once) on his wall. And I guess, yes we do really live just once and there are things that we would really regret not doing.

I do not know him personally. I was not his friend, brother, cousin or anything. I am not close to him nor even in the slightest way in his circle of friends. But I am sad that he passed away. I am sad that I did not became friends with someone who I knew was a kindred spirit. To Nino Armam Segismundo, I'm sorry we were not friends, but your friends are lucky that they had you. I know that they miss you and always remember that you were well loved by them.