SILVER SCREEN - Epic was Epic!

BACK STORY - Two weeks ago, my friends and I were set upon watching The Great Gatsby last Friday. I was checking the movie schedule online and Gatsby was nowhere to be found! So we decided to watch The Hangover 3 though we were still not so sure about it since some of us were not fans of the movie. Anyway, we got to the cinema but we were already late for Hangover 3. We didn't want to wait for the next screening since it would be too late in the night. We ended up choosing Epic. Though none of us were sure what it is about or if it was any good, we decided to give it a try and here is what I thought about it:

Epic is a story based on William Joyce's children's book The Leafmen and the Brave Good Bugs. It tells of a teenage girl named M.K. who is off to live with her father, following the death of her mother. Her father is an eccentric scientist whose life's work is to find and study little soldiers who protects the forest. M.K. is skeptical until things turned and she is thrown into the world of the little soldiers known as the leafmen. M.K. shrinks and is tasked by the dying Queen of the forest to take her pod to Nim Galuu. The pod is her chance to pick a new queen and it happens only once every hundred years. M.K. joins the leafmen as they try to protect it against Mandrake, who wants the pod for himself. 

 Epic is a classic tale of good versus evil. A group of good beings is battling forces of evil who wants to take over the world. Though the story line was a classic, it was made to blow out of proportions. For those who enjoy watching movies with a timeless moral lesson, this movie is for you. Though, I find it a bit cliche already.

Another thing nice about this movie is that, the characters are voiced quite excellently, Beyonce, who was the voice of the Queen, did quite well , also Steven Tyler, who voiced Nim Galuu, and Amanda Seyfried, who voiced M.K. 

William Joyce really is a genius. most of Pixar's and Disney's lesser known movies but were really good were based from his books, such as Rise of the Guardians (based on Joyce's Guardians of Childhood) and Meet the Robinsons (based on his book, A Day with Wilbur Robinson). Joyce also created characters for A Bug's Life and Disney and Pixar's greatest creation, Toy Story. William Joyce was also the creator of the Disney animated series Rolie Polie Olie, which already won three Emmy's.

Overall, I would say that Epic is a great movie. A lot of times we say, nothing beats the classics and I think that was what the creators were aiming for. A retelling of a classic story line in the most epic way possible.

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