SILVER SCREEN - Strong Like Steel

I spent Father's day watching Man of Steel with my family. It was the perfect movie to watch on Father's Day. Though I am a bit confused on why was the movie only released now. I've been hearing about this version, starring Henry Cavill, since last year. Also, I know filming has started way back in 2011 but movie was shown two years after. Anyway here is what I thought about it:

A Superman movie is the perfect choice to watch on Father's Day. Why? Out of all superheroes, Superman probably had the most father drama. He knew two fathers; one whom  he has known all his life but was taken from him by death and another who he doesn't know but has since appeared to him, guiding him in becoming the hero he is destined to be. Man of Steel was successful in bringing that story line in the movie. Jor-el's dream of his son being the best of both worlds and Jonathan Kent's fear of his son being an outcast in the society. 

Another thing I think was good in the movie was that they had shown a vivid picture of Krypton. The last Superman movies, all we saw was Superman's glassy hideout. Man of Steel has given us a view of what Krypton was like a few moments before it vanished. We were also given an insight into Jor-el and Lara's decision to send their son into a different world. 

I also liked how General Zod looked. I remember how he looked liked from the modern version of Superman that was shown in TV. They got the bangs right! I always like it when the movie versions got even a small but remarkable detail right. 

Though Man of Steel was a nice movie, there are still things I don't like about it:

First, Henry Cavill. He was the first British actor to play Superman. I've read that he auditioned for Superman Returns but lost to newcomer Brandon Routh. Sure, Cavill really looked the part; tall, muscular and good-looking. But I never liked his acting skills. He starred in The Immortals, which in my opinion, is one of the worst retelling of a Greek mythology ever. Cavill's acting skills did not match the magnitude Man of Steel was supposed to be.

Also, the action scenes, especially in Kansas, were a bit too CGI. Yes, I understand, action scenes that has to show superpowers had to done digitally but can't they do it without looking too fake?

Another thing I don't like was there was no establishment of Lois Lane and Clark Kent's romance. Yes, Clark saved her once, but one thing I knew about Superman is that Clark has some kind of internal radar set for Lois, or whenever Lois is in danger. But maybe, we get to see more of their  romance on the sequel (Yes! It was already picked up for a sequel). 

All in all, Man of Steel may be a great retelling of Superman's story but still a few kinks had to be polished out. Although the time that they had was more than enough to make a movie that could have leaped any tall building in a single bound.

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