MUSIC SHEETS - His Music Touched My Heart

Nowadays, the country has been a hot spot of foreign music artists. Rock bands, pop singers, boy bands, Manila has seen and hosted a lot of concerts this year. The fascination of Filipinos in foreign acts has always been huge which is why the country is a great market for them. Also, the emergence of different music festivals has been sort of a signal for foreign artists that we are ready for their music.

I too am a big fan of foreign acts. The number of concerts that I badly wanted to go to in the past two years would probably exceed the times I have attended one. With the aforementioned fact, it is quite a challenge for local artists and musicians to create music that could compare to the more popular sound of foreign acts.

Now, this artist I'm about to write about is probably has the most calm and collected singing voice. His voice is so suave and smooth, and when he sings, my heart just melts. he is probably one of OPM's best treasures and I thank the Lord for bringing someone so great to the music industry. I am talking about Johnoy Danao.

I wouldn't want to consider Johnoy in the underground music scene but he hails from an independent record company. Though we've heard a lot of his music recently. The twitterverse went abuzz when he guested on a mornig radio show and did a cover of Coldplay's Fix You. Also, he guested on a podcast and even had a special episode where he did cover after cover of requests. His cover of Rihanna's Love The Way You Lie was just amazing!!

Soon enough, Johnoy's music was heard even on teleseryes and TV shows. His voice is just exquisite and calming. and I guess, with a talent like that it's no wonder he was dubbed as "Philippine's best kept secret". Also, what fascinates me about this man is that he is not like other artists who have superstar mentality. It's like he just creates music because he likes to make something beautiful.

Anyway, I was listening awhile ago to his cover of Itchyworms' drinking anthem Beer and it instantly broke my heart. He brought a whole new meaning to the song His original songs are also as amazing as his covers. Ikaw at Ako is probably one of the best tearjerker love songs ever written. I always get teary-eyed and think of my future wife and our wedding day whenever I listen to it. I love it when a song does that to me; when it opens up memories or stirs my imagination and make me think about my dreams.

Anyway, I'd stop dawdling and give you the link of his Youtube page and Soundcloud page where he posts his covers and his orginal songs as well. Listen to every song and I'm sure you'd say that his touched your heart and saw through your soul.. Because that's what it did to me. And that for me is a mark of a true great artist.

Listen to him make beautiful music on Soundcloud or watch his videos on Youtube. Follow him on twitter too @johnoydanao

And I am now leaving you with the official music video of "Ikaw at Ako"

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