MUSIC SHEETS - Listening to Josephine

This year, OPM (Original Pinoy Music) has been a boost. Thanks to the campaign of Pinoy artists and the rise of independent music artists. OPM today is not just pop but a whole range of music.

Now the artist on feature today is not someone new. In fact, she has been in the music industry for quite some time but I can't say she is a veteran. Though she has already made a name for herself in the country, I think there is still a lot that is going to happen to her. Surely, you'd know who she is when I say that she has flaming red hair. Yep. It's Yeng Constantino

Now, I won't be telling any more about Yeng since her fans probably know more about her than I do. But the music video of her latest single is out. Still from her fifth studio album, Metamorphosis, here is the video of her new song "Josephine"

For those who are wondering Josephine is Yeng's real name. Anyway, the song is not the usual pop rock love song or the catchy cute melody we usually hear from her. Josephine is more melancholic and self thinking kind of music. Yeng probably wrote this song for herself. (May pinagdadaanan?)

I've always believed in Yeng's talent. Ever since she started in Pinoy Dream Academy. And I think this song is another testament of how great her talent is.

What do you think of Yeng's new song? Post them below or on twitter @iamthebluedevil