PIECES OF ME - Turning Twenty Three (Happy Birthday To Me!!)

Happy Birthday to me!!!

First, I want to thank everyone who greeted me on my special day. To everyone who called, texted, tweeted, posted on Facebook and all forms of social media, thank you very much. You made this day, extra special. Kumbaga sa halo-halo, may ice cream na, may leche flan at ube pa! 

Today I turn twenty three. And I think twenty three is such a good number. You're young but not that young; and you're also old enough but not quite old. I also think this will  be the year where I turn all of dreams into reality.

The past year has been hard. I won't deny it, I've had rough times. But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining and with all the hardships comes a promise of a new hope. I've had painful experiences and I am using all of that to become much stronger.

In my twenty three years of existence, I've met a lot of persons who have helped me. And I think it's time that I thank each and everyone of you. Since I am turning over a new leaf this year and I am claiming that there will be a better me this year, I think it's just fitting that I acknowledge everyone who have been and are still part of my life.

First, to my family. My Mom and Dad and my sisters, who have always been so patient with me. I know how masungit I could be and even I can't stand it when I'm being cranky. I love you!!

To my friends from highschool (CIRCLE). Thank you for always being there. Though we might be busy with our own lives, I always love when we have our get-together. And no matter how long it was when we last saw each other, I love how we could always pick up where we left from. You are my second family and I will always treasure the time we spent together.

To my college friends (Obando, 4F1,etc.) Thank you for all the help, during college and even after. I'm sorry if I'm not always present in our dates and there are times where I can't seem to be in touch. But always remember, that you were my family during one of the most important part of my life and I am thankful for that.

To my work friends, (Mixplant, KFC, CKFC) thank you for helping me realize my potential as a Food Technologist. Thank you for all the training and the life lessons as well. I've become a better Food Technologist and a worker because of all of you.

To my extended family, herein Manila, in the province and those overseas, we may not see each other much but I am thankful because I know you are always there. I wish to see all of you more often.

To everyone I met this past few years, thank you. Though I may not remember how or why we met but I'm sure those times were awesome.

And lastly, I want to thank the Lord God in Heaven. He has always known what is inside my heart and I know in time He will give what is due of me. Thank you very much.

The past twenty three years were awesome and I'm making it more awesome in the future. To the world, get ready because as I turn twenty three, I'll be accomplishing a lot more and I'll do it greatly.

P.S. As your birthday gift to me, can I ask everyone that reads and follows the blog to share it to your friends. Thank you!!!


  1. Aww. Nakakatocuh 'to friend! We love you!

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