PIECES OF ME - Why The Country Needs The RH Law.

Today was the schedule of the oral arguments of the Reproductive Health Law. After the controversial bill was passed in the Congress and Senate, the bill, turned law, was supposed to be implemented yet the Supreme Court issued a status quo ante order, which halts the signed law's implementation for 120 days. Today, oral arguments were held to determine the validity of the petitions filed against the RH law and to asses the situation before such law is acted upon.

I don't fully grasp the contents of the the said law but what I do understand is that its main policy is to promote family planning, age appropriate sex education, maternal care and universal access to contraception.     If it does nothing but provide benefits to our citizens, why then are there so many against it? The CBCP, for one, is not the biggest fan of this law. There are also, legislators, both in upper and lower house, who are against it.

In my opinion, it is high time that the country address the growing population. A country with a continuous increase in population, may also increase the problems of the society. For one, more people means more mouth to feed. More people, means more students (many of which are not given proper education). More people means increase usage of our natural resources. I do know that it can also increase workforce and productivity, let us face the fact that our country, though very blessed, lacks the economic capacity and moral capability to use our resources equally, or without giving favors to those who can ask for it. It's like an aquarium with big and small fish. Both continue to multiply and eventually fight to have oxygen, the big fish tramping over the small ones. Still multiplying, both eventually will die because of the lack of oxygen needed to support their breathing.

But is the RH law really the answer? Will promoting the use of contraceptives (which in the first place, already available) really solve economic problems.? I do not have concerns on the maternal care and sex education provisions of the law since I do know how equally important it is to take care of a pregnant mother and an unborn child. Also, the prevalent rise of teenage pregnancy is very alarming (or in colloquial terms, "marami na ang maaga lumandi") that proper information dissemination is needed.

Whenever I think about population control and distribution of resources, I always remember the gospel about the multiplication of loaves. Five loaves and two fish feeds five thousand men? That's amazing! Though I know it's meaning is that God has given us everything we need, we just have to learn to share and believe that everything is provided for us. So why then do  I believe RH law is needed by our country?

If there's one thing I learned in life, it's that we live in a dog-eat-dog world. It's a sad thought but that is the reality. We live in a world where it's every man for himself. Yes, we have a lot of resources, maybe more than enough for all of us but, there will be always those who will want more. it's human nature. In an ideal world, equal distribution of resources might be attainable but in reality, I highly doubt it.

I was reading excerpts from the oral arguments today and I was appalled that all they are debating about are mere technicalities on terms and definition. It's like they do not really know what they are fighting for but merely arguing just for the sake of an argument. Thus, they only delay the implementation of a law which is suppose to help the country. They only delay the benefits which people should already start receiving.

The RH law covers not only family planning but also maternal care, sex education and availability of contraceptives. I use to believe that contraceptives is not the answer but abstinence from sex. I learned from our parish priest that this is originally what the Church is fighting for. Teach abstinence from sex to prevent teenage pregnancy, prevalence of sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancy. Again, ideally, it is the perfect solution. But we live in a world where ideal is far from our grasps. That's the sad truth. Until the time comes when we are morally capable of such things, I believe we really need the RH law.

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