RUNWAY - Would You Wear An Octopus?

Yes. An Octopus. A latest concept brand launched by luter for Spring-Summer 2013 collection features octopus tentacles.

Before you jump into your seat and report them to PETA,  the piece is not made of octopus tentacles and I do believe no octopi were harmed in the manufacture of those pieces.  Check it out:

I love the range of colors that they have. A neutral body with a colorful design on the chest, it broadens your shoulders and slims down your waist line.

Though my only concern is, wouldn't your head look like a big octopus when you wear it/ But come to think of it, I wouldn't mind looking like an octopus. Hahaha!

I am loving this hoodie!! Though I would like it more in deep blue.

This Octopus line of luter is a nice concept! It's simple, fun yet very creative.

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  1. Cute! Love the hoodie!

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