SPOONFUL - Mexican Baked Macaroni

Whenever we have guests at home, my Mom makes nachos. It's a family favorite. Crispy corn chips plus salsa, with chili con carne and a sour cream dressing., it's delicious!! It has become a party staple and sometimes we are left with left over chili con carne.

So today, I was thinking of what to eat for lunch. I thought of ordering fast food but I know it will take a while and I am getting tired of eating fast food. I decided to check our pantry with whatever we have and our refrigerator for whatever's left. And voila! Left over chili con carne from last week!! We also had some macaroni pasta so Baked Macaroni instantly came to my mind. Thus, a Mexican flavored pasta was born.

It's just easy to make! It's nothing different from a regular Baked Macaroni. It's just that instead of using a bolognese sauce, I used chili con carne. Instead of making a bechamel sauce, I used the sour cream dressing of the nachos. Though I was a bit hesitant on using the sour cream dressing since it was garlicky and quite different from the usual white sauce used for baked macs.

Here is what I used:

Macaroni pasta, cooked as any normal pasta would be cooked
Left over chili con carne
Sour cream dressing

For the sour cream dressing: just mixed mayonnaise and sour cream and add lots of chopped garlic.

It's really really simple. Just toss the cooked pasta with the reheated meat sauce. Place it on a baking pan, put sour cream dressing and cheese on top. I baked it for about 15 minutes or until the cheese becomes gooey and brown a little bit.

It was delicious! The taco seasoning on the chili con carne really complements the garlic taste of the dressing. And as any  baked pasta, cheese is a major part. The real surprise here is that I never knew any other use for that sour cream dressing other than for nachos. Now I know what to do when we have left overs of it. Or maybe I'll make some just to have it on pasta.

Try making it for yourself and share it here! Post it below or on twitter @iamthebluedevil


  1. Looks so good! Share mo naman! Haha :)

  2. hahaha! Sige. Or better yet, I'll teach you how to make it.


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