FROM THYSHELF - The World In Perpetual Motion

Perpetual Motion -  a motion that continues indefinitely without any external source of energy. The term is also used to describe a machine that, when activated, would continue to work "perpetually" even without any input of energy. A perpetual motion machine is said to be impossible to create due to friction and energy loss. Also, it is said perpetual motion is unattainable because it violates the first or second law of thermodynamics but there are studies and claims that perpetual motion is achievable. But how do you create a machine that will never cease working or how do you prove something that will work forever without any source of energy?

Such is the daunting task ahead in this new novel which I got from Netgalley. It's an awesome site for book bloggers and professional readers alike. You can get advance reading copies of books and get to read and review them before they are published. So it's still raining, and I've finished reading The Perpetual Motion Club by Sue Lange and here is what I thought about it:

In The Perpetual Motion Club, we are welcomed into a new society where people wear tracking devices, knowledge is transmitted through earbuds, schools are more advanced and popularity is based on your aptitude. I'm guessing this is a distant future from our time but maybe not so distant from the present. Elsa Webb, a straight A sophomore was invited to join the Science Society, a club where one who is serious with their college education hopes to enter. But it is only exclusive to those who show in depth aptitude for science. Elsa's mom and her science teacher wants her to join for Elsa is gifted in science and technology. However, that is not what Elsa wants. She doesn't want to join the Science Society and create computer programs, but what she is after is learning. After hearing about Perpetual Motion, she then forms her own club devoted to learning and achieving perpetual motion  all this while balancing her relationship with her family, especially her mom, her best friend, who seems distant after having a boyfriend, a longtime friend, and assumed admirer, a new boy in town that Elsa has a crush on, and the society controlled by science and technology.

One thing I really liked about this book is the descriptive. It gives a vivid picture of the setting of the story so it's not that hard to imagine what kind of world the characters are living in. Also, I liked how the setting (not so distant future) was subtly explained. It's not like other sci-fi books where it is always told what year it was, or that it was set in the distant future. This novel, you'd get that it was not in the present because of the description of the environment.

Another thing I liked about this book was that, it ended in the right amount of time. It was not over extended, though there are other characters, there participation was minimal that a back story for them was not necessary. Also, I liked how the main character's attitude and emotions were clearly defined in the story. Again, thanks to proper use of descriptives.

One thing I would like to point out is the main character Elsa. Somehow, I could relate to her, and I think most of us would do. Have you ever had an idea, let's say a business idea or a career path idea that at the moment seems so right but in the course of it, you find that it's wrong and it's not achievable. We all had that moment in our lives for sure. Elsa also had that, with so much on her plate already, how can she even think of forming her own club, defying a school society and hope to emerge at the top? Again, it seems that she is far fetched but what I liked about Elsa is she never gave up. Yes, she was not able to achieve her initial goal but as she learns about perpetual motion she discovers a much more greater goal in life and she achieves it.

The Perpetual Motion Club tells us that in a society where everything seems impossible to accomplish, a little faith and believing in yourself and in your goals are as important as hard work and determination. That is when perpetual motion can be achieve.

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