SILVER SCREEN - Ben Affleck As Batman?

Yes. The Oscar winning director and producer will play the iconic Dark Knight in the 2015 Superman vs. Batman movie. Warner Brothers executive Greg Silverman said" Ben Affleck fits the bill.' This is certainly something to watch out for as Batman fans have been reacting quite negatively to the news.

Personally, I think Ben Affleck is too popular to play a character that was made already three times in this decade. I know how the comic fans feel. Today's generation has seen a lot of Christian Bale as Batman that seeing another popular actor play someone else's character. Think of it as like this: What if another actor played Jack Sparrow in the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie? What if Emilia Clarke was replaced by another actress in her role as Daenarys Targaryen? How would you feel about that?

Though the role of the Bats was played by a lot of actors, I think its too early to replace Christian Bale as the Batman. Yes, Christian Bale was just George Clooney's replacement but there was an eight year gap before George had to turn over his cape. The memory of Christian Bale as Batman is still fresh in people's minds.

Also, has Warner Brothers seen Daredevil? Though I'm sure Ben Affleck is a terrific dramatic actor, his superhero skills are a bit lousy. The role of Batman has some pretty high requirements. Batman's supposed to make you feel scared when you see him. He's the living terror of every dark criminal in Gotham city. As Bruce Wayne, he's supposed to be a mischievous ladies man. Ben Affleck is looks too good to play Batman and Bruce Wayne. He's got a good-natured face plus we've seen how great of a father he is to his daughters to believe that he is a playboy by day, and a vigilante by night.

In terms of physical appearance, Ben Affleck's height is the closest anyone has got to with the character's height since Adam West. Ben Affleck is 6 feet and 2.5 inches tall. Adam West's height is 6 feet two inches, exactly the same with the character. Michael Keaton was only 5 feet ten inches tall. George Clooney is just an inch taller than Michael Keaton. Both Val Kilmer and Christian Bale are 6 feet tall. Ben Affleck's body type is not the bulky type. Though the Batman in the comics is quite broad shouldered, I presume Ben Affleck's version of the Bats would be quite similar to Michael Keaton's or George Clooney's.

Another thing to be noted is Ben Affleck's cleft chin. He has one of the most recognizable chins so I think this would matter. Plus, the only thing we could see of Batman's face when he's donning the mask is his mouth and chin. So even if, his face is covered, people would look stupid if they don't recognize the face behind the mask.

You may notice my disinterest in Ben Affleck as Batman, but really, I am hoping he does well. Since the movie will be a sequel to Man of Steel (and Henry Cavill is not the greatest actor in the world), the movie kinda needs someone who has better acting experience and acting chops and more popular to draw the crowd. As a Batman fan, Ben Affleck would not be my first choice (Heck, he wouldn't even make the top ten) as Batman but it's not up to me to decide. Like everyone else, I am just at the mercy of the Warner Brothers executives. And I do hope that they are making the right decision.

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