MUSIC SHEETS - Lording over Lorde

I have always believed that great music should be enjoyed by everyone and not by the few. Thus the reason why I wanted to write about music. One of the main purpose of this blog is to discover something or someone new and when I think it's great, share it to everyone else to spread the greatness.

Anyway, here is another one that I have discovered (take note that the term "discovered here" means I've heard about them only recently). She's a young and talented musician. And unlike popstars of her age, she doesn't need to twerk her ass up on someone's crotch to be famous. Meet 16 year old, Ella O'Connor, or more popularly known as Lorde

Lorde, or Ella O'Connor in real life started writing when she was 12 years old. She was discovered when she was thirteen by Scott Maclachlan in a talent show, This 16 year old New Zealander has been making waves in her country with her debut EP The Love Club. In fact her single Royals debuted at number 1 on the New Zealand Top 40 and remained at the tops spot for 3 weeks. The Love Club  was also released in the U.S. and made it to the top 4 spot in the album charts. Pretty rad for a girl her age.

Royals is an amazing song. It's a light mix of electric, pop and minimalist music that speaks of innocence and simplicity; something a normal teenager would have. Which is very like what Lorde is trying to be.

Well, enough chitchat. Here is the music video for Lorde's Royals.

 She is definitely one of a kind.

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