MUSIC SHEETS - Turn Of The Century

Most of the bands here in the Philippines started out as high school or college bands, group of friends, that  perform for school activities and programs. As they grow up, they eventually move on to have gigs and performances outside school or as front acts for other bands. From then, the rest is history. This was a common path for local bands. And our featured band is no different; they started out in highschool, and now they are making their way to stardom. So without further ado, I give you Siglo

Siglo is a four-man rock/pop-punk band composed of Carlos Velarde, Francis Sumadchat, Rich Velarde and Ralph Murillo. All four were from De La Salle Green Hills, where they originally started performing as a band. Formed in 2007, Rich, along with Francis and former members Jerome Raymundo , Jonah Pimentel and Jazz Fillamor, started out at a practice session in for an event in La Salle Greenhills. The band was called a different name then. They decided on the name "Siglo" since each of their graduation dates would coincide with the centennial year of De La Salle Philippines. When Fillamor and Pimentel left the band, Rich brought in older brother Carlos to be the band's vocalist and bassist. Pimentel left in October 2012 and was replaced by Ralph. 

Since then, Siglo has been playing and preforming for numerous gigs and events in and out of their school. They have also released their first EP in 2011 called "Forever Young." They have also relesed two singles from said EP, "Farther Than Skies" and "Forever Young."  December last year, they also have released the video for their latest song "All The Love."

Also, Siglo will be performing along with other college bands in this year's first Neonfest. Happening this October 12 at the Skydome, SM City North Edsa.

When I first heard about Neonfest, I tried to lsiten to all the bands that will be perfomring. Siglo was one of those who  stood out. Not because they are the best or the most unique but because out of the all the bands, I think they are the youngest and they sounded good for their age. Check out their song Forever Young:

Siglo really is a promising young band. Yes, they could really use improvement but a few more years of experience, I'm sure they would be one of the countries' top bands.

Catch them at Neonfest this October 12 at the Skydome! Visit Neonfest's Facebook page for more info.

Get to know more about Siglo on their Facebook page and their Soundcloud page

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