FROM THYSHELF - Refreshment Break

Job hunting is not an easy task. So when I started working again, I was very grateful. But, there are times when I wanted to quit because of all the stress and the headaches it was giving me. I love my job but sometimes I just want to runaway, take a break or just leave all my worries and rest.

Well, I was very lucky to have found this book that I am about to share. Not only did it inspire me to do better in my job but it was also  a nice break from reading too much technical stuff and just breathe all my worries out. Maloi Malibiran-Salumbides is a motivational speaker, a trainer, a radio host and a book author. Her book Refreshments for The Race not only give "Pro-tips" on how to live a career life harmoniously and efficiently  but also gives insights on how taking a break might just be what you need to do a better job

I never thought that I would enjoy this book since I almost only read fiction books. But as the book promised, it was a nice break from my work. Not only was I given tips on how to enjoy my job and how to work more efficiently, the book also gave me tips on how to be a better team player and how to handle stress from my job. 

What I also liked about this book was that it was giving professional tips without sounding too preachy or too professional. It was just like talking to a friend who gives good advice. Also, there were some chapters written in tongue and cheek humor that makes the book sound much more "masa."

I could only imagine how inspirational and motivating is the author. With the brilliance if her book, I could only think how good she is as a speaker. I had the pleasure of meeting her mother (who was the one who gave me a copy of the book) who was very kind and inspirational as well. No wonder where the author got her gift! I hope she will write more and more will get to read her book.

This is a must read! Especially those who are in much need of a break! Grab a copy and tell me what you think! post your comments below or on twitter @iamthebluedevil